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Following Foxes are the brainchild of Gid Sedgwick, who at some point decided to take his solo project to a new level thus giving life to Following Foxes. Soaring, emotive vocals sit well in the atmospheric environment created by the acoustic guitar in tandem with electric guitar, bass and drums. Recently Following Foxes have released their single ‘Almost Lost It’ and are ready to take over the UK. In a chat with Rock Britain the musicians talk about the single, the band’s history and best shows of their lives.

– How did Following Foxes come together?

– Following Foxes came together at ACM Guildford where lead singer Gid approached drummer Steve with the small idea of starting a band taking Gid’s solo project to the next level, Alex (lead guitar) was joined into the band after a successful audition & bassist George had known Gid for years via the local music scene

– Following Foxes grew from a solo project. What inspired you to expand a solo project into a full band?

Gid: “It’s quite simple really, I was doing the odd gig here & there with my solo project but quickly tired of it and wanted to create bigger sound and more atmosphere on stage to put on a more enjoyable performance for everyone involved be it in the band, or for the audience”

– In your opinion, what makes Following Foxes stand out on the UK scene?

Steve: What makes us stand out is our incredible attention to detail, not only that but our live shows too. We really make an effort on our live shows.

George: Professionalism, easy and good to work with. Good songs a lot of people can relate to.

– Your single ‘Almost Lost It’ is out. How was the song born?What were the inspirations for it?

Gid: Originally I wrote ‘Almost Lost It’ around 3-4 years ago which I recorded with our producer Stef Syler, who is now still our producer to this day thanks to his musical expertise.. The song was initially intended to be minimalistic and a steady grower in depth throughout…

The general theme of the song is questioning one’s future bound to a psychotic illness throughout life, the title ‘Almost Lost It’ is referring to loosing your mind.

The balloons in the music video shot by our friend Ben Pollard at Livid Productions are a metaphor to represent psychological pressure of which we break out at the end where we burst the balloons. Right at the final scene there is only 1 balloon left which is to signify the problems could potentially always reoccur

The best thing about bringing my old songs to the new band is it gets moulded by 3 more very musically talented guys and becomes what it is now.

It’s like I’ve baked a sponge cake… which is ok, and then Steve, George & Alex add the jam, icing & sprinkles to turn it into a cake (song) which everyone can enjoy!

– What’s your approach to making your live shows memorable?

– During our live shows we aim to be as musically tight as possible using interludes & samples to create an illusion of mystery, minimal dialogue throughout as we feel it detracts from the ambience of set. In our opinion, a set should be a full body of music rather than just song. stop. song. stop. song. stop etc..

– What’s the best show you’ve been to?

Steve: The best show I’ve been to is either Beyonce or AC/DC.
Alex: Richard Cheese live at Cadogan Hall
Gid: Mumford & Sons at Reading Festival or City & Colour at HMV Forum London.

– What’s your biggest plan concerning Following Foxes?

– Share our music with as many people as possible who also enjoy our sound and can relate to our tracks 🙂

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