Concert stories /// Biffy Clyro @ GlavClub / Moscow / 23.05.2014

Biffy Clyro

There are those gigs which you dream of seeing, which have become legendary and which are awarded the honourable title of ‘the best gig of my life’ by those of your friends who have been lucky enough to witness the grandness. Biffy Clyro are already a legend of contemporary music scene. Having taken about twenty years to make themselves into the band they are today, Biffy Clyro boast such fiery live shows that turn all rivals green with envy. According to the musicians themselves, it’s taken the Scottish wonder more time that they would have liked to grace Russia with their presence, but it’s better late than never. Biffy Clyro’s debut show in Russia took place on 23rd May in Moscow at GlavClub.

Biffy Clyro Live 1The famous tree from the ‘Opposites’ album cover creates the mood from the banner hovering at the back of the stage, the cream-coloured drum kit is waiting for the action to begin, the whole stage seems to be in anticipation… When it becomes pitch dark and the excitement intensifies every second with the intro, the audience are more than ready to savour the gig of their lives. Biffy Clyro appear onstage to the loud roar and off it goes! ‘Different People’ makes a great start for the show by pacing up gradually and providing a great sing-along to warm up the audience. Fan favourites ‘That Golden Rule’, ‘Who’s Got A Match’, ‘Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies’, ‘Bubbles’, ‘Mountains’, ‘Woo Woo’ are like a lighter moved dangerously close to easily flammable material. They set everyone in the room alight, whereas ‘Many Of Horror’, ‘Sounds Like Balloons’, ‘Biblical’, ‘Machines’ are like lyrical islands floating in the roaring sea. Heartfelt, soulful performance with massive singalongs from the audience attributes for such an emotional concert experience that it’s obvious that the band and their fans are totally on the same wavelength. Isn’t it precious?BiffyLive2

Biffy Clyro are renowned for their relentless energy while on stage. It’s a storm, an unstoppable tsunami, a massive bolt of lighting you’re happy to get into. They share this energy with their listeners generously, give it away in plentiful and in exchange receive love and adoration from their grateful listeners. At such moments you realise that nothing apart from this pure music bliss really matters and that music performed with heart can really make wonders.

It’s a great rarity nowadays – to have an opportunity to see Reading & Leeds headliners and generally one of the best bands in the world in such an intimate atmosphere like Moscow audience did. The intensity of music grew in dozens, the fiery passion oozed by the musicians was more acutely sensed – indeed, Biffy’s Russian fans were in for a great luxury! When your heartbeat follows every drumbeat and guitar solos make your head go dizzy with pleasure, it’s not to be changed for the world.

We waited for them and they came to us – they came to drive us crazy and to show that great, genuine rock music is a magical thing. Thank you, Biffy Clyro, we’re looking forward to meeting you again! Mon the Biff!

CM Capture 1

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Concert photos by Olga Polomoshnova



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