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Pretty Citizens are based in Nottingham. They play rock ‘n’ roll and they’re awesome. Do I need to say more?  Rock Britain chats to Pretty Citizens’ bass player Josh Welsh to learn more about the talented outfit. 

– How did Pretty Citizens come about as a band? What was the band’s starting point?

– When I came to University I thought it was the best kind of situation to look to start a band, as I hadn’t been in a band before (I’d only been playing guitar for a few years). Me and James met through our University Music Society Facebook page in my first year. He had songs already written. I could barely play. A legend was born. A year on and we’d acquired the worlds tallest bassist and a drummer who could tell the time.

– What’s your main band and music philosophy?

– Writing and playing is definitely cathartic. I think really we’re just playing the kind of music we would otherwise want to listen to, and trying to put all our influences together and perhaps make something a bit different.

– Your track ‘Easy Pleasing’ is out and has had some airplay too. How was this song born? What’s the story behind it?

– James (singer) writes a lot of the music in his car and this was no different, in fact the lyrics have their roots in a particularly hazardous journey home from York one snowy bank holiday, with a solitary stop off at Little Chef to finish the second verse. Musically I think the track shares some similarity with the Stone Roses, particularly the jam outro, we wanted something people could shake their hips too.

– What bands can you cite as your biggest inspirations and influences?

– Beatles, Stone Roses, Culture Club. Shoegaze bands like Ride. Psychedelia. For me personally, I think I’m influenced by everything I’ve listened to, and try to bring together all my influences in my playing.

– What is it like to experience a live show by Pretty Citizens? What are your main priorities in your live shows?

– (Mindblowing. Incredible.)
We’ve played like four gigs so we’re still learning the ropes I suppose. I think in order to be satisfied with a live show, it’s important to be entertaining and have fun as well as just playing well – you need to be good musically, but you can’t be too concerned about getting every note in every song spot on. Getting a good mix, with regards to the levels, is important for our sound though.

– Being a very new band, what is the measure of success for you at this point in your career? What are your biggest achievements so far?

– Just playing and making music – every new song is an achievement. Recording a song, and experiencing that process, felt like a big step. Not particularly concerned about ‘success’, at this stage.

– What’s your biggest dream concerning Pretty Citizens?

– To write and record a full album. Return to Worksop.

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