Face to face with Tired Angels

Tired Angels

 So haunting that it gives you chills, so thrilling that it gets under your skin, so hypnotic that it enchants you in a heartbeat… Tired Angels make exquisite music with such a great deal of genuine talent, that Rock Britain fell head over hills in love with it. Read on my chat with Tired Angels and don’t forget to hit that Play button as if you haven’t heard them yet, you’re missing out on a true music diamond.

– How would you introduce Tired Angels to Rock Britain’s readers?

– Tired Angels are five individuals who have combined to produce a collection of ethereal, thought provoking music that oozes passion and brought to life by emotive and endlessly energetic live performances. 

– How did you start your way in music as Tired Angels? What was the key moment when the band really started to happen?

– The winter of 2010 brought Tired Angels together. Indeed, it was an intense period of unrelenting creativity that culminated in the form of a gig at Hildenborough Village Hall that forced the Angels to formulate a thirty minute that made us realise that we had the potential to start playing gigs. This new found attitude helped us secure a gig at the renowned Tunbridge Wells Forum that has hosted the likes of Green Day. It was here that we played a ‘Show Us Yer Guns’ gig, which essentially means that the ‘best’ band on the night gains a chance to play with a more recognised band, in our case: The Skints. Ultimately, this provided us with the belief that we did have the ability to confidently play gigs in London and throughout the South East.  

– How are Tired Angels’ songs usually born?

– Our songs are usually based around a central sonic progression, whether it is a drum beat, guitar, bass or piano part. Predominantly, we create music that is inherently personal that possesses a strong narrative, usually about one of our experiences. Throughout the years and as best friends, we have become more musically aware, whereby we gradually started to recognise what worked structurally and lyrically and what didn’t. 

– You presented your EP on your Soundcloud page. What’s the story behind this EP?

– Our debut EP is a selection of songs that have developed across a period of roughly four years. In particular, Haunting of a Queen has, alongside the band’s development, grown and progressed. Most importantly, we never consciously consider a ‘song’ or piece of music to be ever finished as there are always room for improvements and changes to be made based on our mood or attitude to a certain song. We hope that this approach will produce an organic sound that has been provided with the necessary amounts of time to evolve and grow. 

– While working on this EP, what was the most memorable part for you?

– Physically recording the EP was definitely the most memorable moment. Our producer and sound engineer Leigh gave us an opportunity to personally criticise our music and expose ourselves to criticism. This was hugely beneficial, largely because it granted us with a chance to establish what works best and what needs improvement. 

– What do you want your audiences to take away from your live performances?

– We want audiences to be thought provoked and mesmerised by our stage energy. Ultimately, performing gives us an opportunity to tell our stories that will hopefully provoke response and act as a catalyst for further creativity. 

– Your music is incredibly atmospheric! Have you got a favourite atmosphere for listening to your favourite music?

– None of us like listening to music with other people, we all feel that listening to music either in our bedrooms or walking home at night is most atmospheric. 

– What’s your Top 5 life-changing albums?

Dan – Grace (Jeff Buckley)

Ash – Blunderbuss (Jack White)

Paris – Nevermind (Nirvana)

Alex – Speaking Tongues (Talking Heads)

Ollie – Meat is Murder (The Smiths)

– As the festival season is round the corner, what are your plans for the summer?

– Throughout the summer, we are going to concentrate on writing new tracks and observing other bands’ stage presence and really use it as a time to assess where we are as a band by making plan for the future.

– What would you ideally like to achieve with Tired Angels?

Dan – Going on international tours in order to witness different cultures and their forms of music. 

Ash – Really want people to be able to connect with our music and possible recognise parts of themselves, too. 

Paris – To be able to make the music we want to create, which will hopefully enable us to gather a cult following, where our fans are all really dedicated and passionate about our music. 

Alex – To reach a point where we can just play music and meet more like-minded people who enjoy the music that we love.  

Ollie– To change the ‘face of music’ and, in the process, create a new genre or movement that will be remembered forever. 

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  1. Amazing young band

  2. eva6kora says:

    Great interview, amazing band!

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