In their words /// Wolf Club Lunar Society On ‘Baby Boy’

Wolf Club Lunar Society

Dirty, ardent rock ‘n’ roll, the sense of mischief and burning desire to start dancing once you hear this tune – new single ‘Baby Boy’ by Wolf Club Lunar Society won’t let you keep still. A bit more than two minutes of music frenzy is all you need for these hot summer days to shake it. Rock Britain asked vocalist and guitarist Antony Flynn to tell about this song and here’s what he had to say…

I would begin by saying that ‘Baby Boy’ was quite an easy song to spawn. On the surface – an easy catchy guitar riff with seemly nonsense lyrics against a back drop of thumping tom drums lasting two minutes should take five minutes to write, right? and to be quite honest that’s originally exactly how I wanted the scenario of the song to pan out.

It was born in the rehearsal studio, just guitar and drums and I suppose it would be fair to say that there was a tinge of White Stripes about the song when we first played it early on as two piece, to me, it was just a filthy rocking garage rock song but as the number of band members grew and with more sounds and instruments at our disposal, I couldn’t resist the desire not to push the sound of the song further. The new instruments we introduced on the track, most prominently the harmonica, played by our guitarist Pete and the Violin by Aimes which backs up the rhythm guitar, accompanied by some overlaid acoustic guitar on the verses gives it a Dylan-esq folky feel. It was then about keeping the balance. I wanted it to sound like Dylan having a punch up with punk. My own and Aimes ‘ manic lead vocal styles, the dirty distorted guitar sound and Sammy’s hard thumping drums keep the original intended rawness of the track intact and the added percussion parts give it a bit of a 60’s feel. Although I would say that despite these later instrumental additions, I resisted the urge not to mess with the simplistic arrangement of the song, apart from introducing the solo, its been pretty much played the same way since the beginning.

In terms of the story behind the song I’m not really one to give too much away regarding the lyrics, which seems like a complete cop out haha! It’s purely because I believe its more important for people to draw their own conclusions on what a song means to them and quite often I find people’s interpretations of the song much more interesting and creative than what the song is actually about in the first place. Is it really about a murdering infant or is there an underlying message in the song? You decide!

If I’m honest it really never occurred to me about releasing Baby Boy as a single, I had to be talked into recording it by Oliver Thomas who produced our last single ‘One More Line’ and so after his words of wisdom, together with the rest of the band we set about planning where and how to record it. We all agreed we wanted it to be a live sounding track, as if we were playing it live in a big hall with plenty of reverb, but we also wanted to keep the production effects to a minimum and keep the track reasonably “lo fi”. We had the idea of recording it outside the studio and because we are lucky enough to be able to work with Oliver who is reasonably portable with his equipment, we ended up recording in it in a local church who were generous enough to let us use their facilities. This in itself had massive challenges in terms of background noise and being interrupted by random people mid take. It was an issue but at the same time it put pressure on us to perform the songs well and most importantly quickly, as every DIY band knows “time is money”. So we laid down ‘Baby Boy’ and its b-side ‘You Lose Your Fight’ over a two day period. We feel better for the experience and would do it again if we felt the song needed it.

If I was asked to sum up ‘Baby Boy’ it would be a very difficult question for me to answer. I find it hard to listen to our tracks in the same way I would listen to another artist’s tracks and form a solid opinion. My main objective as a songwriter and musician is to make music that I enjoy listening to and hope that other people get it as well.Having said that I feel ‘Baby Boy’ sums up Wolf Club Lunar Society in the most perfect way possible. It’s a dirty, rocking track that keeps you on your toes mentally and physically and we are proud to be releasing it on June 30th!

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Video for ‘Baby Boy’ was brought to you by Lucy Miller (filming) and Laura Cockburn (directing).


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