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When there’s undeniable chemistry inside a band, you sense it in their music. When you listen to Nishe you can’t fail to notice how well these three guys click together. Their ability to pen diverse tunes with great levels of contagiousness makes the band’s debut EP ‘This Is Nishe’ a sparkling record which will invade your ears instantly. Rock Britain chats to the Nishe guys about festivals, Muse and the EP.

– What was the beginning of Nishe as a band? When did you realise that the band was properly happening?

Giovanni: I moved to London about 2 years ago with the intention of setting up a band to perform and spread my music with. I had a few songs in my head but was struggling to find the right band mates, until almost a year later I found Harry (bass) and Tom (drums). We realised that the band was happening on the very first day we met and played together, it sounded like it never did before.

– Your EP ‘This Is Nishe’ is out. What way did the EP go from the very scratch to its final version?

Giovanni: After just a few months of playing together we felt like it was the right moment to record some of the best songs we had to make an EP. We wanted it to show the wide range of influences we mix: we picked You Got Me Blind for the catchy melodies, This Time for the reggae inspired grooves and eclectic elements, In Between for the big sound and intense mood, and Come Back Here for the energetic riffs and funky rhythms.
We worked on the arrangements for the following few weeks and also recorded some demos to get ready for the studio experience, which has been very demanding, but also improved our skills as musicians and definitely cleared the way for the recording of our first album.

– Where did you draw main inspirations for the songs on this EP?

Giovanni: In terms of lyrics I usually take inspiration from my own personal feelings and put them in a general context. Concepts like love, anger, desire, faith, will, that we all want to express and share in some way, find their externalisation through the sound and melodies of the songs.

– Which track on the EP in particular is especially memorable for you?

Giovanni: I think This Time is the most memorable, it’s one of the first songs I wrote and I really wanted it to sound cool and unexpected. That’s why it features so many different elements: psychedelic sounds, reggae rhythms, aggressive choruses, gritty vocals etc…

Thomas: Probably You Got Me Blind for it’s mature simplicity, and one of the hardest to get right live!

Harold: Hearing You Got Me Blind and This Time for the first time, with studio quality sound, was pretty memorable.

– The name Nishe was inspired by Muse’s song of the same name. What is the influence of Muse in your music life?

Giovanni: They are a big influence along with Kasabian, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley… They very well mix all the different influences they take inspiration from, which is what we’re also trying to do.

– Your music inspirations are very diverse, including contemporary and classic rock bands. In what way, do you think, this versatility in music taste find its reflection in your own music?

Giovanni: We want our music to sound fresh and innovative, and believe that mixing many different ingredients is a good way of making something new. Having lots of influences makes you musically open-minded, which is always good for creating something interesting.

– What’s your earliest music memory?

Giovanni: I remember playing with a toy electric guitar and a keyboard when I was probably 2 years old. I didn’t realise how much music has always been a huge part of my life until I decided to become a musician.

Harold: I remember, at about nine, watching the Blues Brothers for the first time and wanting sax lessons the next day.

Thomas: My earliest memory would have to be hearing Country House by Blur on the radio when I must have been around 2-3 years old, that song tells a great story that just did it for me and to stick in my head for all this time.

– What’s the best festival you’ve ever been to?

Giovanni: Honestly I haven’t been to many. Loads of gigs, but not many festivals. The best one I’ve been to was the I-Day Milan in 2009 where The Kooks, Kasabian and Oasis played. Unfortunately Oasis had just split the day before so they were replaced by Deep Purple.

Thomas: I’ve never really been able to afford to go to any good festivals unfortunately, some of the festivals I’ve ended up at with my mates growing up in the midlands have been pretty shocking!
In hindsight this free festival in Coventry with my family at 16 was pretty good, Ash headlined with Badly Drawn Boy though I was massively into Rush and didn’t exactly appreciate it at the time!

Harold: Reading 2012 remains my favourite festival so far, with The Hives, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters and other great acts. It was a riot.

– Where would you play your dream gig, if you could play it in any place?

Giovanni: I’m always very superstitious when talking about my dreams in music, but this time I’ll make an exception.
Speaking in terms of actual venue Wembley is the dream. Alternative places would be the top of a mountain, the Grand Canyon or in space.

Thomas: Wembley Stadium is always in the back of my mind, that’d be incredible. But my ultimate dream would be to play a show in super-heat-proof suits on the surface of the Sun to prevent a solar winter like the film Sunshine but better.

Harold: Hot air balloon great gig in the sky.

– What are your plans for the nearest future?

Giovanni: We’re playing a good amount of gigs around the UK, but we’re also planning a tour to other countries like Germany, Italy, France and Sweden, which would be very exciting. We’re also getting ready for the recording of our first album, trying to develop our sound to the best possible, so keep checking our website (www.nisheband.com) for the latest updates!

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