Featured album /// Damn Vandals ‘Rocket Out Of London’ [2014]

Damn Vandals 1

Do you lack fun and excitement in your music life? Tut-tut! However, it’s not late to alter this highly unfavourable course of events. Rock Britain has the album offer for you to bridge this gap in your music collection. London-based Damn Vandals’ sophomore album ‘Rocket Out Of London’ that is.

Damn Vandals’ debut offering ‘Done For Desire’ caused a considerable buzz when it was released having turned the collective into one of the hottest new bands around. Rarely can one come across such a masterful old school rock sound with a touch of contemporary independence and creativity. Damn Vandals nail this sound perfectly. Not surprisingly, their sophomore was most anticipated and if you have the habit of setting some expectations, ‘Rocket Out Of London’ will live up to and exceed all of them.

Since brevity is the soul of wit, Damn Vandals follow this principle and take a bit more than half an hour on ‘Rocket Out Of London’ to blow away your mind. In reality it happens much quicker though. You’re guaranteed to be hooked on somewhere in the region of the first half of the opener ‘Twist Up And Tangle’. Oozing relentless drive, fiery energy, naughty moods, the album never slows down but keeps up the pace with the likes of  ‘Cities Of A Plastic World’, ‘I Bring You Love’ or ‘Whisky Going Free’. In fact, it’s hard to pick up any standout tracks here as all of them are so darn good, that you shouldn’t bother making any choices, but enjoy every single one of them to the full. That’s what I did and still do, anyway. Don’t you expect any pauses, but count on Damn Vandals’ ability to charge their tunes to the maximum, so that you’re out of breath and in love with them once you’re through listening to this album a couple of dozens of times.

Damn Vandals know everything about the art of real rock ‘n’ roll. It’s not only in tight, well-crafted songs with a touch of dirty, in-your-face, old school rock, but also in their inimitable, sarcastic, clever lyrics which more resemble short stories told in husky, signature vocals of Jack Kansas. There’s mischief, soaring emotions varying from mockery to anger and total merry-go-wild moods destined to tear your mind to pieces. Don’t doubt, Damn Vandals challenge over-polished and overproduced songs by exploding with raw, powerful, unpolished sound which will definitely be to the taste of discerning music fans.

While ‘Done For Desire’ was served for the starters to the unsuspecting music community, ‘Rocket Out Of London’ is the main course for those who can’t wait to get more delicacies from, undoubtedly, one of the best underground bands in the UK. Feast on.

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