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Oxford Style

Style in music, a good turn of phrase with inimitable humour, impressive melodies… Isn’t it what really good music is about? Oxford Style has it all. The debut single ‘Salo’ release is set for 30th June, so keep your ears peeled. Rock Britain gets up close and personal with the man behind Oxford Style – Paul Nicholson.

– How did Oxford Style start?

– Originally thought I would try and be a singer in an established band, but a combination of not finding anything good and nobody wanting me spurred me on to start writing my own material.

– If you were to make an introductory advertisement for Oxford Style, what would you write on it?

– Oxford Style combine melodic pop, piano led cabaret and heavy guitar riffs to create music that is both intelligent and aggressive. All of this combined with humour and of course, style.

– Your single ‘Salo’ is to be released at the end of June and there’s the video for it too. How was the song born? What were the main sources of inspiration for it?

– Lyrically the song is influenced by 120 Days of Sodom by de Sade, and the graphic novel Maus, the idea of someone exulting in freedom from conscience or morality. The most direct musical influence was Erol Alkan’s remix of Franz Ferdinand’s Do You Want To, I wanted to replicate the heavy drum and guitar sounds from that.

– The video for ‘Salo’ is self-produced. How does it complement the song and its message?

– The song has a strong repetitive beat which we wanted the video to emphasise, with the flashing lights and cuts.

– What’s your main philosophy as a musician?

– I like direct music, I like things to have a point, both lyrically and musically. It has to get your attention.

– What bands and musicians are your biggest influences and inspirations?

– 70’s glam and art-rock is a big influence, things like Roxy Music and Steve Harley, and obviously Bowie, but then all good music is inspired in some way by Bowie. Also things like Kate Bush and Suede, anything theatrical and dramatic and over-the-top.

– What are your plans for the summer?

– On the day this single is released I’m celebrating by going to Wimbledon to eat strawberries and drink lots of Pimms.

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