Concert stories /// Foals @ Stadium Live / Moscow /11.06.2014



Imagine divine, full of tranquility music with occasional massive boom moments showing its most crepuscular side when performed live. Makes a stunning transformation, doesn’t it? This is exactly what happens when Foals bring their songs into concert environments. Tinkling, out-of-this-world melodies turn into loud, explosive beasts driving world audiences insane. After stealing the show in the afternoon part of Subbotnik Festival at Gorky Park in July 2013, Foals made their promised and eagerly anticipated headline return to Moscow a year later on 11th June to shake the Russian capital with their energetic performance.

‘Intro’ smoothly flows into ‘Prelude’ which builds the tension to the boiling point of uproar which overflows at the loudest part of the ‘Holy Fire’ opener and becomes unstoppable since then. Foals don’t hesitate to get in the swing of it from the very first seconds and set the bar very high from the very start. However, the Moscow audience are only happy to support it and throw themselves headlong into having fun together with the band. The party is fuelled by dancey ‘My Number’; Foals Liveenergised ‘Providence’ marked by the audience declaring ‘I’m The Animal Just Like You’ by means of dozens of small posters; rebellious ‘Red Socks Pugie’. On the other side of this craziness reside beautiful, but no less intense ‘Milk And Black Spiders’, ‘Blue Blood’ and, of course, majestic ‘Spanish Sahara’. It’s these instant transitions that make the show dynamic, shifting, vivacious and unpredictable. The hottest, boiling point comes to ‘Inhaler’ which leaves everyone breathless, but delighted just before Foals re-emerge on the stage to wind it all up with ‘Hummer’ and blasting ‘Two Steps Twice’. Curtain. 

Now, add this unrestrained energy to Foals’ ability to keep it personal with their audiences  and you’ll get a fierce rock show courtesy of a truly ingenious collective. It takes guts to jump into eager, welcoming arms of Russian fans, but Foals’ frontman Yannis Philippakis is not the faint-hearted type. He takes great enjoyment in getting close with his fans and they’re more than ready to return the favour. There are no borders left, so everyone is happy to lose control and celebrate the power of music all together. When the gig’s almost over, Yannis gets down to his fans once again and walks past the entire front row shaking hands with some of the lucky fans who thank the musicians for the magnificent show with deafening roar. The most rewarding thing for any fan present, though, is to see genuine happiness in the eyes of the band who don’t conceal that they loved performing for the Moscow audience so much, that these fans have certainly endeared them to the band for days on end. 

Last July Foals promised to return and they kept their promise. This show became, undoubtedly, one of the best gigs of the summer 2014 in Moscow, so the capital is certain to await their next coming eagerly to experience this blast of adrenaline again, and again, and again… After all, ‘You’re fucking awesome, Foals’ if we return your compliment.

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Concert photo by Olga Polomoshnova


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