Face to face with Homebound

Homebound Promo 2

Pop punks Homebound are preparing for the release of their EP ‘Coming Of Age’. It’s a bunch of tight, energised tracks meant to get you well moving. Rock Britain chats to Homebound about their new brainchild.

– Your EP ‘Coming of Age’ is ready to be released. How would you introduce the record to your listeners?

– Always been bad at answering this kind of question… I’d say energetic, diverse and relatable. If you like Pop Punk, I’m sure there’s a track you’ll enjoy.

 – Now when you have it all ready, how do you feel in these pre-release times? All in anticipation, I reckon?

– There’s a mixed feeling of nerves and excitement. It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time so are desperate for people to hear it. For most people, this will be the first time they will have heard of us and it’s no secret that first impressions are massive, so hopefully people will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

 – How did the work at the EP go from the very beginning to the very end? What were the most memorable events while working at this EP?

– There wasn’t a particular beginning or end to the writing process. We just kept writing, rewriting and scrapping songs over a long period of time until we finally got down to the final 6 that we had confidence in. It took longer than expected as we had various setbacks that almost forced us to end the band. Sam joining the band on drums reinvigorated us as a group and gave us that extra bit of motivation to get this EP done.

– Do you remember the moment when you realised that the record was totally and absolutely finished?

– Well, this is a strange one… I’d just finished doing the vocals to the final 2 tracks and I’d never felt so relieved. It wasn’t until a week later we received the news that the files for those 2 vocal tracks had been lost and that they were going to have to be redone. We just had to suck it up and I went back up to Kent the following day to smash it out. So in fact, we experienced the feeling of the EP being finished twice! It made finishing it that little more satisfying.

 – What were the main sources of inspiration for ‘Coming Of Age’?

– Musical influences include the household names like Blink 182 and New Found Glory as well as the new wave of Pop Punk bands like The Wonder Years and Neck Deep that we’ve grown up listening to and currently listening to. The rise to prominence of Pop Punk has also been a huge motivating factor in us writing and releasing this EP. It’s so great to see the genre being taken seriously again.

– How does the name ‘Coming Of Age’ reflect the music on the EP?

– If you’d ever listened to anything we’ve ever written before this and in previous bands, you’d be surprised the same people wrote it. The EP marked the start of something new for all of us and represents a change in us as people and as a band. We’ve grown up a lot in the last year and I think that’s reflected in the style and quality of song writing.

– Where do you expect ‘Coming Of Age’ to take you further in your career?

– First and foremost, we felt it was important to release an EP we were proud of. We really just wanted to use this EP as a platform to build on as we feel with only touched the surface with this release. We’re already thinking about the next release and hoping that enough people will enjoy Coming of Age to then want to hear something from us again in the future.

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