Football Fever /// Sam Router

fifa world cup brazil 2014

As the World Cup in Brazil is in full swing, Rock Britain can’t stay away from all the craze and chats to musicians about all footie-related stuff. This week’s hero is singer/songwriter Sam Router.

– How did you get into football?

– I was about 6 years old and the European Championships were in England for the first time, I remember all the excitement in the school playground and all around the country, and just wanted to get involved. I think my first memory was of Gascoigne’s stunning goal against Scotland, and seeing the country go mad! ‘Three Lions’ was also such a great song for the tournament, and I think it was just the whole experience that got me hooked

– What was the first World Cup you ever watched? What do you especially remember it for?

– As such the first World Cup I remember was France 98. I was old enough to stay up for most the games then, and also remembered how amazing Euro 96 was. Paul Scholes goal against Tunisia and Bergkamp’s against Argentina still stick with me, but obviously it was the England v Argentina game that I still remember so vividly – Owen’s goal, Beckham’s red card, Campbell’s disallowed goal and that penalty shoot out!!

– Which World Cup of all the tournaments you’ve watched is the most memorable for you? Why?

– Although I’ve watched all the World Cups religiously since 1998, it probably was the France 98 tournament that is still the most memorable for me. There just seemed to be loads of goals, great goals, and exciting games – I think it really benefited from the hosts going so far, and ultimately winning – and of course the Ronaldo controversy added to the mystery of the whole event!

– Who, in your book, is the best footballer of WC 2014 and why?

– In the Messi v Ronaldo debate, I’ve always been on the Ronaldo side – I just think he is the most complete footballer! For me he is therefore probably the best player at the Brazil World Cup, however it is probably the Argentinian front three I am most looking forward to seeing – Messi, Aguero and Higuain!!

– What kind of a football fan are you?

– Totally obsessed!!


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