Featured Album /// The Horrors ‘Luminous’ 2014


The Horrors are the band who, despite their star status, still take somewhat of a backseat role on the UK music scene. Whether this is a deliberate decision or just a coincidence hardly matters already as this status has hugely to do with The Horrors’ ethics of music making. Huge shifts in sound from album to album, always remaining true to their own beliefs, the air of out-of-this world mysticism and no obsession with fame whatsoever – aren’t these enough to set them aside from most of the bands of today?

This no-nonsense approach finds its reflection in the band’s music, which offers not only an ultimate sonic pleasure, but also an escape in the secret world of music. The Horrors’ latest album ‘Luminous’ is no exception. The band admitted that this escapism was also prevalent when they were writing ‘Luminous’. According to Faris Badwan, they see no other way of making music at all other than to fully drown in it. Hence is the sound which accepts no pinning down: limits and labels are not for The Horrors.

‘Luminous’ was surrounded by rumours and guesses. First, it was supposed to have been released at the end of 2013. Then the release date moved to 2014. Perfectionists The Horrors wanted to expand some of the ideas they had, to polish them, to say everything they wanted to. How right they were in doing so! Working at the album in itself was interrupted by The Horrors’ appearances at various festivals, but all these setbacks proved to be a blessing in disguise as live shows became a great inspiration boost for the musicians.

Bold, mysterious, experimental and hypnotic – this is what ‘Luminous’ is about. It toys with heavy synths, flirts with techno, throws dancefloor-friendly and slow-burning tunes in one beautiful musical affair where Faris Badwan’s lush vocals lead the way to music bliss. Very light, transparent ‘In And Out Of Sight’ sits next to magnetic, carrying you to the edge of the universe ‘So Now You Know’; epic ‘I See You’ has a great number of shining facets and ‘Falling Star’ is edgy and assertive. Long instrumental passages not only showcase The Horrors’ brilliant musicianship but also provide a stunning soundtrack to the flow of your imagination. Try listening to the sophisticated intro to ‘Chasing Shadows’ and see where it takes you. These are The Horrors, baby! They open the door to your personal journey inside your mind and only you can decide where this road will take you.

The Horrors possess a special ability to touch upon senses, to evoke hidden emotions. They elevate and motivate with their music – the quality precious and valuable. That’s why so many people find it easy to relate to The Horrors’ music. ‘Luminous’ is another chapter in the band’s life and it’s so magnetic that will easily become your most favourite music escape.

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