Face to face with The Relays

 The Relays

Tunes with a great vibe and absolutely disarming atmosphere from The Relays will be ideal to soundtrack your summer and, fair enough, other seasons too. Rock Britain chats to the guys about their latest music, festivals and summer songs.

– How have you been lately and what have you been up to?

– Very well thank you. We’ve been on the road for two months, touring the new single around the UK.

– Your new video ‘(Like A) Satellite’ is out. How was the song born? 

– It’s one of the slowest songs we’ve ever recorded! The song was written around a year ago and we have been nipping in the studio, rearranging and rerecording it. Three different drummers have played on it.

 – How did you like working with Brian Canon at the video and some artwork?

– Brian was great. It took a bit of time to get everything done and we spent more time in the pub planning it than working on it, but the finished product is excellent.

 – Your songs got played on the radio. How does it feel – to hear your own music on the radio? 

– To hear a track you’ve written in your bedroom played to thousands on national radio is an immense feeling. One of my friends rang me up to tell me it was being broadcast on XFM, we didn’t even know it was on their playlist!

– Your song ‘South Pacific’ is a very summer tune. And what are your favourite summer songs by other bands?

– Back Down South by KOL, Good Enough by Dodgy, Stinkin’ Thinkin’ by Happy Mondays, Time To Pretend by MGMT, Wetsuit by The Vaccines etc, etc, etc…

 – With the summer being here, what do you expect from the festival season? 

– We’ve got a couple of festivals lined up  and we’re planning a short European tour for around August time.

– What’s the most memorable festival you’ve ever been to?

– Glastonbury without a shadow of a doubt. We only watched one band – enough said!

– What’s your best recent music discovery?

– Jagwar Ma. They’re like Primal Scream crossed with The Beach Boys.

 – The Relays’ first gig came up rather unexpectedly. What memories of that show have you got?

– I remember being so nervous that I didn’t tell any of my friends. We had been rehearsing in a conservatory for three months and we turned up at this massive venue with people rolling huge flight cases through the doors. As soon as we had finished the soundcheck, we told everyone we were playing because the sound was so good. We found out a couple of weeks ago that John Kettle, who produces all our material, actually mixed the sound that night.

 – Looking back at your way as a band so far, what has been the most memorable and important event for The Relays?

– I’d say our last single launch in Manchester. The crowd were really up for it, singing the songs and there were loads of faces we’ve never seen before.

 – What is planned for The Relays for the nearest future?

– We’ll finish the tour and get back in the studio to start work on the next single.

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