In their words /// Milo’s Planes on ‘Two Feet In A Crowd’

Milo's Planes

‘Two Feet In A Crowd’ is a rawr cool track from Milo’s Planes. The band’s own Joe tells you, Rock Britain readers, the story behind this song.

This is a song about eavesdropping on people’s conversations; it’s about taking from other people to make yourself look better…and looking like a cunt in the process.

I wrote it around this time last year about a woman I used to work with. She would poke around personal conversations and take from it something to use against you… she had this bizarrely sincere, false sense of power that completely baffled me; I’m a people watcher… but not in a sexy way; that’s not me at the window with a telescope (this time) I swear! I just like to observe weird people and notice all their weird traits… Having worked in soul-less admin jobs for the last few years I’m pretty much a master at distracting my own mind; if you’re not gonna let me play scrabble on my phone then I’m gonna notice weird things about you, elaborate on them in the context of a song to use for my own personal gain.

Me and my brother Harry (drums) recorded this track, the b sides & the rest of the album that Two Feet In a Crowd is taken from (to be released later this year by the way!) ourselves, in his room, prior to Charlie joining us on bass. Our recording technique is pretty shambolic. We run through the song quickly then hurriedly record the drums, almost always in one take, whilst there are a few hours free in our parent’s house, and then I put everything else on the top afterwards. As I feel really uncomfortable doing vocal takes in front of people I recorded all the vocals for this track & the rest of the album in several half an hour sessions during my lunch break; pretty laborious. I’m sure my mum or sister has come home to the sound of me screaming on several occasions. I got a 16 track recorder around a year ago and have been slowly accruing enough microphones to properly record drums… I say the word “properly” pretty loosely here; until last year I’d been putting music up on Soundcloud recorded on a 4 track with one mic on everything! By using the 16 track I was able to add a load more layers to the song, which was a lot of fun to record – throughout the album, there are layers of feedback & melodica. The latter of which I’m particularly fond of; it enables me to whack a huge sustained note over the top of the music which other singers are able to do with their voices…The busy mix of the track definitely comes from listening to The Go! Team’s first album load.

The song’s entire guitar work comes as a direct influence from 90s band Lync. Not many people are aware of them but their album “These Are Not Fall Colours” is incredible; their use of weird tunings as a means to find different, beautiful chords is a huge influence on my guitar playing and Two Feet In a Crowd is a product of that album, Wire’s disregard for formulaic song structures & big slack guitar guitar bands like Dinosaur Jr, Built to Spill & Superchunk. The song came about as I had a couple of individual guitar riffs down which I worked into each other to make the whole song, which is the way I tend to write all my songs, and then added the vocals to fit once I’d taught it to Harry instrumentally. It’s a lot longer than the majority of our songs and was one of the last ones we taught Charlie when he joined the band; we’ve only been recently started playing it live.

The single’s out properly on July 18th, which is doubling up as our single launch, so come along to Mother’s Ruin on Friday 18th July to grab one of only 50 copies of the single (£3) and see us, and our good friends The Gnarwhals, for free!

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