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fifa world cup brazil 2014

It’s been a good and unpredictable tournament so far, eh? I bet you’re enjoying it as much as I and our favourite musicians are. This week Mike Burford of Echotape shares his thoughts on World Cup 2014 and not only.

– How did you get into football? 

– My first football match was Portsmouth v West Ham in a pre-season friendly back when I was 9 years old. I went along with my dad, a West Ham season ticket holder, and from that point on I’ve been a big football fan growing up. Even if the journey there and back meant sitting on a pillow in the back of a Vauxhall Astra van sliding into his work tools! I try to go to a few West Ham games a season still and am an avid fan!

– What was the first World Cup you ever watched? What do you especially remember it for? 

– My first world cup memories are of France 98. England were playing Tunisia in a group game and it was on during school time. I remember a cheeky (now looking back a somewhat legendary) kid in my class had a radio with it on and was telling everyone what was going on! That world cup was the first one I got in to. Michael Owen’s goal against Argentina was a memorable one too.

– Which World Cup of all the tournaments you’ve watched is the most memorable for you? Why? 

– I tend to relate my world cup experiences on how well England have done. Before every tournament I pronounce that England will not do well and every time it draws me in and I turn into a jingoistic mess. Inevitably ending in shootout trauma and scarring me for 4 years.

It seems that the most memorable world cups are those that I don’t even remember. The images of Gazza in 1990, the hand of God in 1986, and the scenes from 1966 have been replayed more to me than anything I was actually alive for. If this World Cup can be replayed and talked about in 30 years then England have done well.

– Who, in your book, is the best footballer of WC 2014 and why? 

– The best three players there are Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, but seeing as I’ve now been sucked in and in England mode I’ll have to go with Raheem Stirling!

– What kind of a football fan are you?

– I’m a massive football fan. When England are on you’ll find me shouting at the screen telling opposition players to get up and shouting COME ON ENGLAND regularly throughout.


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