Face to face with Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions make music which will make you fall in love with them, life and everything around you. Just give a listen to their EP ‘Dusk’ and you’ll see why. Read on to Rock Britain’s interview with guitarist and lead vocalist Daniel Walsh to learn how these chaps manage to be so cool.

– So, your debut EP ‘Dusk’ is out. How does it feel to have released your debut record as Tourist Attractions?

– It was relieving more than anything in all honesty! It was hard work with it being our first few times in a studio, but it felt amazing when it was finally out, knowing that a year’s worth of hard work as a band had ultimately paid off in to what is now Dusk.

– What were the inspirations behind ‘Dusk’? How were the songs on the record born? 

– We wanted to make something that consolidated us as a unit, and something which would display us as a ‘proper’ band – we wanted to show that we were taking it seriously; to convince locally that we weren’t really a pub covers band. As well as that we just really wanted to make some good music. Most of the songs were pieced together by taking a component that could be used as a future song in to band practice, whether it be lyrics or instrumentals; then we would play all our parts together to get the basic structure down; adjusting each element over time so that we could get the best out of every part of the songs. Heartless Man was the first song recorded, and for each track that we wanted to be produced, we aimed to make each one unique in its own way.

– While making music, what’s the most important thing for you – something you want your sound to stand out for?

We want to do what every band aims to do really – to try and find their own individual sound by drawing together all of their influences but that the same time being as cautious as possible in regards to making sure we don’t have an uncanny resemblance to any of our influences. We always want to make something different, which, even thoughDusk can sound similar to specific bands of today, in reality it’s all you can expect for a Debut EP made by a bunch of 17 year olds that have only been together for a year. At the moment whilst we’re writing new songs, our sound is becoming ever-diverse.

– Tell us something about Tourist Attractions, which you think our readers must know about you?

– We’re all in the wrong profession; in reality we’d be better off being comedians – or better still locked up somewhere that has white cushioned walls – we’re just glad they let us out of that place though, gets pretty boring after a while.

We also do not partake in cold-calling or door-to-door sales – and our contracts don’t allow us to send your information to third-party sites.

– What’s your motto as a music unit that you stick to? 

– Always use Vaseline.

– How do travelling and gigging influence you as a band?

– We don’t usually get to travel out of Lancashire, so journeys to gigs never really last long. The long ones usually result in really bad cramp – as for gigging, generally every gig proves beneficial to developing our shows – you get the good and the bad experiences; but each one teaches you a lesson and gives you that little bit of extra knowledge regarding the entertainment of the crowd and how to make sure each gig doesn’t have an audience who are all sat down giving the odd clap.

– If you could play a gig at a very unusual place, where would you play it?

– Maybe on a gigantic bouncy castle – or on a massive raft in the Mediterranean sea. As long as it was safe. There’s the obvious ones of wanting to play in space or on the moon, but we’ve not thought about it really. I couldn’t really imagine the implications of playing in space though, it might be a bit complicated. Playing in The Vatican would be really cool though.

– What’s the role of your home place surroundings in your music?

– Not an awful lot really – we’re aiming for more of an ‘escapist’ view with our music, you know, something that takes you away from it all? I reckon if you try to make your music too relevant to the places where you grow up, especially at this age, you could risk it turning out a bit tacky. But that’s only the deal with us, there are some amazing songs that have been made which talk about where the artist has come from or the area they grew up in.

– If you had a chance to watch one day in the life of any band, who would you choose and why? 

– Arctic Monkeys. They’ve almost got it all now, haven’t they? They live in LA, have amazingly stunning girlfriends, class A celeb parties all the time, and well, they get to be in the Arctic Monkeys don’t they? FOUR MARGARITAS!

– What’s your idea of what you ideally want to achieve with Tourist Attractions?

– As cheesy as it sounds we just want to do what we absolutely love and make a living off of it at the same time. In regard to Tourist Attractions as an inside thing and not from looking at the shell of it, we want to find OUR sound. It may take a while but once we all figure out how to think as one brain and work as an absolute fused unit, then we know we’ve cracked what we want to crack. It’d be amazing to play our own shows at medium-sized venues across the UK, like the Apollo or the HMV Ritz, and to get signed would be right up there with not only what we want to achieve, but as a target too. Of course there’s a major festival slot that we’ll stick in there too, how amazing would that be?

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