In their words /// The Four Fours ‘Count to Ten/Messing With History’

The Four Fours

The Four Fours pen songs raw and well-crafted, infectious and impressive. Their debut single ‘Count to Ten/Messing With History’ is out on 14th July and prior to the single release Rock Britain asks the band’s vocalist Matt to tell us about the two tracks.

Count to Ten/Messing With History

‘Count To Ten’ is inspired by the horrendous storms the UK experienced early in 2014. I remember sitting with my house mate Shawn watching TV pictures of rooftops floating across fields and train lines being devoured by the sea. Shawn, an ex-protester who spent years living up a tree in Southend, is pretty hot on environmental issues. His ominous commentaries about crazy weather patterns becoming the norm rather than the exception made me want to crawl up in a ball and await the apocalypse. Have we really blown it environmentally? How long will our current standard of living be sustainable? What will my two month old nephew’s life be like in a world that’s competing over dwindling resources? Dunno, what’s on TV?

‘Messing With History’ is about the expectations we have of others and our indignation when they fail to live up to them. People are going to do what they’re going to do. To expect them to fit in with our personal views on what’s acceptable behaviour is pretty messed up. We’re setting people up to fail. Never mind that this is all in our heads anyway; as if your standards are important to anyone else! In our outrage at a person’s failure to live up to our expectations have we wondered how many people there are whose standards we’ve not lived up to? Do we even care? Alexander Pope put it best: “Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed”.

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