Football Fever /// The Luka State

fifa world cup brazil 2014

Wow, it’s playoffs already and the World Cup 2014 is getting hotter! This week Conrad Ellis from The Luka State shares his footie memories with Rock Britain.

– How did you get into football? 

– I’m a massive Manchester United fan. My dad started taking me to the games when i was around 6. I then obviously started playing myself. I still get that feeling of goosebumps when i walk into Old Trafford it will never go.

– What was the first World Cup you ever watched? What do you especially remember it for? 

– My main first memory is France 98. That Brazil squad with Ronaldo and Rivaldo was great. Our squad wasn’t too bad as well. Obviously Micheal Owen scored that beauty against Argentina. And obvcourse vindaloo came out haha.

– Which World Cup of all the tournaments you’ve watched is the most memorable for you? Why? 

– Because im only young i now can enjoy it more ie go the pub with the lads and watch it. The last world cup was memorable for me because we did exactly that. We had a good laugh during that tournament out for quite a lot of the games. The lads who weren’t working had the joy of watching the whole thing. However I thought that was a rather disappointing campaign so it’s a bitter sweet memory for me.

– Who, in your book, is the best footballer of WC 2014 and why? 

– I could go on all day couldn’t I…. Theres so many world class players.

– What kind of a football fan are you?

– I’m a loyal football fan. I enjoy watching the footie regardless of what game it is.


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