In their words /// High Treason on ‘Takedown’

High Treason

Championing old school, classic nods in music, High Treason are your must-hear hard rock band if you like your tunes hard, heavy, driven by sharp riffs and raw-powered. ‘Takedown’ is the band’s newest single and High Treason themselves tell its story.

We’d love to say that the idea from Takedown came to Peter (our vocalist) from some form of alien telepathy; but actually it came from watching a film – a Bourne film to be precise.

Before he joined the band, Peter had the idea in 2009, wrote the lyrics at home in Luton, and recorded it with his old eight track on which it stayed until after he had joined the band.

He ended up handing it to Malcolm (on guitar) who stripped it down and put his own spin on it, which opened it up towards being a highly driven and catchy rock track with a great hook that is reminiscent of 80’s bands such as Scorpions. Originally it hadn’t been written for a rock song, and was more steered towards a TV theme-like sound.

As for the lyrics in the song, they essentially speak of a lone man fighting against all odds and the government agencies who want to take him down, hence, it’s ‘Just another takedown’ to them.

We decided to make it a single because of its driven yet catchy sound, and we like to put out music that gives you an ‘ear worm’ as Peter says.

With the original idea and lyrics coming from a theme of action-heavy movies, we knew the video had to incorporate that style. The video was something we hadn’t really done before, as it was more than your basic rock music video, with its narrative, action and incredible cinematography.

Richard Allen and the rest of the team did an amazing job with it, and we were thrilled with how it turned out in the end.

All in all, with the track and the video together, we hope that it gives the audience a feel that those high-octane action movies coupled with punchy rock music gives you; and most importantly, we hope our fans new and old enjoy it.

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