Football Fever /// Puppet Rebellion

fifa world cup brazil 2014
How come it’s almost over, it’s only just started! It’s such a pity the World Cup 2014 is nearly over, but there are still the most exciting matches to watch! So, brace up! In this final edition of the World Cup feature Simon Monaghan of Puppet Rebellion talks everything football-wise.
– How did you get into football? 
– I got into football at the age of 7 I think just playing round the local area with the lads.  I have been hooked ever since.  Manchester United are my team.
– What was the first World Cup you ever watched? What do you especially remember it for?
– Italia 90 was the first one I can remember.  Gazza crying and Linekers concerned face afterwards.
– Which World Cup of all the tournaments you’ve watched is the most memorable for you? Why? 
– To be completely honest I have a part of my brain that forgets losses so I only remember winning.  England unfortunately haven’t won anything since 66.
– Who, in your book, is the best footballer of WC 2014 and why? 
– Arturo Vidal.  Everything that you could want from the modern day midfielder.  Robin Van Persie showed why he is one of the world’s top strikers. Big games and big goals.
– What kind of a football fan are you?
– The type who goes to Old Trafford probably 10 times a season and winds up City and Liverpool fans for fun in my spare time.

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