Concert stories /// Svoy Subbotnik / Moscow / Gorky Park / 05.07.2014


When meeting in the same place at the same time to listen to some really good live music becomes an annual tradition, one can only be happy about it. Subbotnik was held in Moscow in July 2013 for the first time and proved a huge success: stunning line-up with Foals, Hurts and Arctic Monkeys starring could hardly leave lovers of quality music indifferent. Following its big debut, the festival returned in 2014 for its sophomore year with a mighty bill with Miles Kane, Metronomy, Kasabian and Placebo on top of it. July 5th was definitely a night to remember for those who opted to be in Gorky Park on that Saturday.

If you want a party, Miles Kane can easily arrange it for you. It’s still pretty hot when this gentleman starts to gear up for his set, which is a very unfortunate thing: Mr Kane has all what it takes to heat up any audience and any place to an absolute maximum with his dangerously fiery performance. Once he hits the stage – the image of pure rock ‘n’ roll and nonchalance – the temperature irreversibly starts climbing up. And so does the movement within the crowd. The party is on! ‘Inhaler’, ‘Give Up’, ‘Better Than That’ and absolute fan favourites ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are’ and ‘Rearrange’ among the others leave the audience breathless, but ecstatic and totally delighted: Miles did it again! Just don’t get burnt when you watch him play.

Metronomy become like a shower of cool water to bring the audience back to their senses after everyone got so worked up by the mighty Mr Kane. They soothe and relax the audience with their dancey, light performance spiced up by jokes and fun. The band manage to bring in lively, charming atmosphere with the likes of ‘The Upsetter’, ‘Love Letters’, ‘I’m Aquarius’ and ‘Reservoir’ allowing the audience to chill and relax.

This relaxation is much needed as another wild rock ‘n’ roll party is being prepared: Kasabian are about to hit the stage. Heavily electronical arrangements of their newest album ’48:13′ blossom into full colour live to provide a great soundtrack to the super dance party. ‘Eez-eh’, ‘Stevie’, ‘Bumblebee’ explode together with ‘Days Are Forgotten’, ‘Club Foot’ marked with a surprise appearance from Miles Kane (imagine the uproar brought about by the meeting of these two fires on one stage) and of course the never-getting-old ‘Fire’. Kasabian caused a local earthquake as their energy crashed through Gorky Park to sweep everyone off their feet. Their performance shook the ground and (if we may again bring about Mr Kane here) rearranged everybody’s minds. In their turn, Kasabian become so impressed with the reception from the Russian audience that Tom gets super emotional that it’s touching and Serge kneels in front of the audience full of gratitude. We love you too, boys, with all our hearts!

As darkness starts falling, the time comes for the bosses of the night – Placebo. As they come out, there starts a set of mastery and class, down to earth rock air and pure music-soul harmony. They are all wisdom and experience with the years of debauchery and antics put firmly behind. The energy is unchanged though: they rock as hard as never before and the audience is more than just responsive – they’re admiring and grateful. ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Loud Like Love’, ‘Space Monkey’, ‘Too Many Friends’ all mix for an ultimately new Placebo experience both in sound and in attitude. This soft maturity with their signature sarcasm suits the band – the maturity of talented musicians who put their craft above everything. Brian even cracks a joke about him not going to walk off the stage when there are some minor equipment problems (oh those Kasabian who crashed the system!) and everyone present knows he’s going to keep this promise. As ‘Special K’ and ‘The Bitter End’ cut the night with recognisable melodies at the end of the first part of the show before the encore comes, the moment becomes pure magic – the one to savour and store in one’s heart as a warming memory on cold, winter days. And when ‘Infra-Red’ puts the final stop to this grandness several music moments later, the appreciation of the unforgettable experience comes at its full. Thank you, Placebo! Thank you for everything!

One Response to “Concert stories /// Svoy Subbotnik / Moscow / Gorky Park / 05.07.2014”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Nice, you wrote something about the festival. It sounds perfect, Miles Kane AND Kasabian at one stage…so awesome! (: I’m used to the fact that Miles appears on stage with Arctic Monkeys. He pops up everywhere and when he does it is always a great party! Haha. And Kasabian’s new album…the more I listen to it the more I appreciate ir. It’s something totally different I think. Can’t wait for the concert (: (sorry for this long comment but if I start to talk about music…haha)

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