Face to face with Weatherbird


Loud and rebellious – this is the music we love, don’t we? Then I reckon you’ll more than just love Weatherbird. To be fairly honest, you’ll instantly endear yourself to them for the rest of your life. Vocalist and guitarist Jacob Ball talks to Rock Britain about Weatherbird’s new single ‘King Gluttony’, summer tunes and not having philosophies.

– Congrats on the release of your latest single ‘King Gluttony’! Could you introduce this song to our readers?

– ‘King Gluttony’ is our new single, released on End of the trail records.

– How did this track come to life? What inspired it?

– I’d had the riff for a while, so I guess I was just waiting for the rest of the song to come, it wasn’t really inspired by anything. I suppose some of the lyrics come from my ideas about greed and gluttony in general.

– Could you give us a small journey into history and tell how Weatherbird started?

– We started out like most bands do – making terrible noise in a garage!

– What’s Weatherbird’s main band philosophy?

– To avoid having philosophies.

– Playing live is a big part of your band life. How does travelling and playing live change you as a band and as people?

– Playing live is the best way to get tight as a band, and until you’ve tried playing a song live then you don’t have an idea of where its gonna go or what it is. As people I don’t think travelling and playing live really changes us, it just means we drink more.

– You’ve played a number of UK festivals, including The Great Escape and Camden Rocks among the others. What’s your secret to rocking a festival audience?

– I don’t know. It’s always strange with festivals because there’s loads of people there but most there don’t know any of your stuff, so maybe the best thing to do is just ignore that and get on with the gig.

– What do you want your audiences to take away from your live shows?

– Sweat.

– What’s your best latest music discovery?

– The first half of the new Wolf Alice EP is incredible, its taps into something we haven’t heard in this era, its deep. It’s not a recent discovery, but I’m listening to a lot of Turbowolf at the moment too cos of their new single being out, they’re sound is just so massive. It’s like stoner-pop.

– Have you got any especially favourite summer tunes?

– New Rose by The Damned is always cool to listen to in the summer.

– What’s the most memorable event of Weatherbird’s life so far?

– We played a gig last year where someone threw an entire beer over my face mid-song. So that’s probably my most memorable moment!

– What do you want to be remembered for in 50-years time?

– Being the first band to play live by only using the force.

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