In their words /// Desert Ships on ‘Heart Beats’

Desert ShipsIdeal for summer, very upbeat and incredibly warm in sound – this is all the new single ‘Heart Beats’ from Desert Ships. Read on to the band telling the story of the song…

‘Heart Beats’ came together quickly and is one of several songs that developed from guitar loops I make at home. I think I’d just bought this new tremolo pedal and quickly came up with this phrase. I chopped it up a bit and reversed it and that’s essentially the base of the song. It’s the loop that just keeps on giving. Daniel and Claude played to this loop and their bass and drums parts lifted it to another level. Now we had our foundation. That night I came up with the melodies, wrote most of the lyrics and demoed the vocals. Suddenly we had this upbeat and dreamy little number that was pumping.

The working title for this was ‘Defibrillation part 1’. I’m not sure what the part one was about, maybe part 2 will show its face one day. There are defibrillators everywhere in France rail/metro stations; they are even on the trains – in the restaurant car! I say this cos I’m on the TGV en route back from Fete De La Musique in Lyon where we’ve just played.

It was lyrically inspired by my old man’s potentially fatal heart surgery last summer, and how you might react upon waking and it being a success. Would you change your life? Would you do things different now you have a second chance? Would you waste less time? I also liked the fact that the surgeon, Claude Beck, who originally pioneered defibrillation in 1947, shared first names with our drummer.

The middle eight was written after Mark Gardener (producer) had emailed us suggested dropping something in to break up the loops.

The Oxford studio recording session with MG was hassle-free. We knew what we were to record and I think it was done in a few hours.

The video was made in one hour. It was a total trip. The band and a few close mates at sunrise on a hilltop. No four hundred takes and sixteen hour days. We were home for breakfast.

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