Face to face with The Hertz Complex


Incredible, magnetic post-punk courtesy of The Hertz Complex is definitely going to send chills down your spine just because it’s that good! July 14th is the release date of the band’s debut EP ‘A New Habit’ and it will become your habit to listen to it non-stop once you get it. The Hertz Complex talk to Rock Britain about the debut, bringing excitement back into rock’n’roll and US music scene.

– Your debut EP ‘A New Habit’ is out soon. How would you describe this EP in five words?

– Your New Post Punk Habit

– How did ‘A New Habit’ come together? What were the milestones that led to its coming to life? 

– A New Habit is based on the fact that when you start a new phase of either listening to or playing fresh music, that you can’t get enough of it. It came about from a series of recording sessions, where we realised that what we were playing live might not have been the best way to message the music. We ended up in a circle of create, listen, enhance, listen, that really embodies how we approach our music, hence the infinity symbol – we don’t tend to rest on what we’ve just written.

– Where do you expect this EP to take you in your career? 

– This is our first release so this EP is sort of our introduction.  We just want to get it out there and make an impact with people. We have been getting some great responses from industry and fans alike, no idea where it will take us but it feels to be going in the right direction.

– What makes ‘A New Habit’ special?

– It takes influences from four people with very different musical backgrounds and melds them together in a way that we think people will connect with. It can be hard to be new and different these days but we make music that WE want to make and that we genuinely love so we hope that comes across to anyone who discovers it.

– What does your usual rehearsal look like? 

– It’s just 4 guys in a circle, trying to feed off each other and push each other as much as possible.

– If you could share a stage with any band, who would you like to play with and why?

– I think it would have been Joy Division, there are elements of their styles that drift in and out out of our tracks. We’ve learned a lot on how they can progress a song from a stripped back opening, such an influential band. That would have been cool!

– What are your biggest non-music inspirations?

– We draw from many things when we write.  Of course we have your songs that are born out of relationships, but we also draw on the experiences of living in London and its people. Not originally being from here it gives you an interesting outsiders perspective.

– You’ve spent some time in the US. How do underground scenes differ in the UK and the USA?

– I think it can depend which part of the US, certainly on the west coast we noticed a slightly heavier sound, perhaps a slight reference back to 80’s big rock that it became famous for, whereas in New York and Boston you get a lot more bands that have closer links to UK based sounds. There is always an appreciation for good music though no matter where you are, that’s the great thing about what we do.

– There are Irish and Canadian cultural backgrounds within The Hertz Complex. How does the mixture of these different cultures find reflection in your music?

– It’s a pretty easy mix.  Both countries have a solid history of producing great music. We all have a common vision of what we want to do and music has a way of crossing boarders.  Once we start playing Irish or Canadian it doesn’t matter, it all comes together and it just makes sense.

 – You aim at bringing passion into rock ‘n’ roll. Why do you think a lot of musicians and fans lack this passion nowadays? 

– Everyone seems to have shifted to easily disposable music and people just have an insatiable appetite for anything new.  It seems the days of really sinking into a new album or band has been passed up for jumping to the next latest and greatest thing.  Unfortunately there is a big section of the music industry that is tailored to making the next big thing.  We just want to make music we love and have that come through in every single track.

– Where do you see The Hertz Complex in 5 years?

– Hopefully on the festival circuit on the side stage somewhere playing to people who just love music.  We are not looking to jump on the latest trend or be a flash in the pan sort of act.  We just want to continue to make music we love and connect with people who feel as passionately about our music as we do.

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