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Projected Images

While punk is the main driving force behind Projected Images’ music, the band have much more to offer: energy, passion, talent, character. Get to know Projected Images as Ralph talks about the band and their music. 

– Your debut EP is ready. What kind of experience was it to prepare your debut record?

– It was an excellent yet frustratingly protracted process. Robin and I had initially planned to record a demo of a better quality than we could manage but as the songs took shape we decided to extend and improve it. Then, once we’d completed most of the recording, our drummer Henning joined the band and that changed the dynamic quite dramatically (we’d previously been backed by programmed drums). 

So after recording live drums, rerecording certain parts and vocals to match its new energy, editing, mixing and mastering, we are very happy that it’s finally seen the light of day. Given the length of the process we can’t wait to now record some newer stuff that we’ve worked up together.

– What description would you use for this EP should it be sold at HMV?

– Projected Images debut EP –  **Reduced** £4£3 £2! 

– In your music you mix the influences of the 90s with the contemporary ones. What is the most attractive thing in the music of the 90s for you that makes you turn to it?

– A lot of the bands that have influenced us from the late 80s/90s stood for and said something on music that packed some immense punch. Among those bands I’d include R.E.M., Pulp, Blur, Pavement, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and above all Fugazi. Most of the artists that have inspired us, whether from the 70s, 90s or 2010s exhibit some streak of punk, which can represent doing it yourself, political awareness, community and sincerity.

– While performing live you use images on the screen. How do they support the music you play? How are the music and the images connected? 

– Most of our projections incorporate the lyrics in one way or another – quite a few are cut up images synched with the song. For Ellie, which is basically about life on the dole, we spraypainted the lyrics letter by letter onto loads of images from the media. The relentless bombardment of images in the video reflects that which you experience day to day, no matter how detached you are from the world created around you. 

– Ralph, you played an acoustic set at Glastonbury, didn’t you? What was the experience of playing such a renowned festival like? Whose performance impressed you most of all this year?

– I first played there a few years ago and do a slot for Jubilee Debt Campaign, who station an old Routemaster by the John Peel stage. It’s fun playing to an unsuspecting audience but I’d love to play a proper set with the three of us at some point. 

The best performance I saw was Arcade Fire – such a beautiful set and brilliant atmosphere. Mungo’s Hi-Fi were also awesome on the last night. 

– What has been the proudest moment of your career so far? 

– Pretty proud of our EP launch gig and making our first release. 

– What’s your biggest goal in music?

– Foment a revolution. 

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