In their words /// Fable on ‘I Speak Words’

FableDeep, powerful, expressive vocals on top of artfully striking melody – this is the debut single ‘I Speak Words’ from Fable. Step into the dark depth without fear… Here’s the song story from the singer herself.

“I Speak Words was dreamt up whilst I was staying at my manager’s house during a writing session, trying to sleep on his sofa at four in the morning! I was thinking about the comparison between humans and the way we are and parasites – how we leech things from the earth and the way we build against our environment for our own needs and selfish desires…..the lyrics are from the point of view of an ant who watches his friends wiped out by a child with a magnifying glass – it’s quite dark I guess. Quite a lot of my songs (which you’ll hear soon!) are about the various aspects of the human psychology and the flaws we all have as humans. It’s an observation of people and my own mind and experience.”

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