Face to face with Sunken Monkey

Sunken Monkey

Boasting loud, raw, energetic sound with relentless power splashing out of their music and sharp edges to every song, Sunken Monkey are a genuine talent of today. They have years worth of experience in music behind their backs, so these lads know their craft. Now Sunken Monkey are entering a new stage in their career as the band’s sophomore album ‘Party Scars’ is set for release in October. Sunken Monkey’s own bass player Adam tells it all to Rock Britain.

– ‘Party Scars’ – your sophomore album – is out in October. How would you introduce this record to Rock Britain’s readers?

– It’s a booze fuelled rollercoaster of punk rock.

– It’s been five years since the release of your debut record. What are the traits of ‘Party Scars’ that differ this record from your debut one?

– Well if anything it is essentially the same theme as it always has been, with the songs being about our day to day adventures, although we have a much grittier sound now and we really believe that the musically and lyrically it is superior to our last release.

– How have you changed as musicians in these five years?

– Well there are only two of us that played on the debut album in 2009! For one reason or another the band has undergone change, but all four of us have all known each other for many years as friends so we all know what we bring to the table. We are all keen to improve ourselves and get better at what we do, and obviously we are a few years older and “wiser”!

– You’ve chosen ‘This Town’s Too Big (For The Both Of Us)’ as the first taste of ‘Party Scars’. Why this track in particular? How does it stand out to you personally?

– It’s one of the songs which has always been received well by the audiences we have played to, it has been in our setlist for some time now. It is short, catchy, straight to the point and pretty much sums up what we are about in less than three minutes.

– You draw inspirations from your lives and base your songs on your life stories. What’s the most unusual story that’s ever inspired you to write a song?

– Nothing really seems that unusual to us anymore! Nothing is really out of bounds, if something happens to one of us or we witness something then it is likely to end up in a song of some description, whether it ever actually gets played live or recorded is another matter. “More Beer Than Blood” is a pretty crazy song, about our yearly venture to Munich to the Oktoberfest beer festival, a song about drinking too much alcohol, failing to speak German and being sick in rubbish bins!

– Sunken Monkey have been around since the beginning of the noughties. Looking back, what moment can you call the best moment of your career so far?

– We all agree that this album makes us pretty proud, it is self 100% independent and we put a lot of hard work into it both with the songwriting and recording. We hope the best is still to come.

– What’s the biggest motivation that keeps you carrying on making music?

– Life! Whilst crazy things are happening there are songs to be written!

– Being a part of the British music scene, what’s your outlook on it? Have you got any especially favourite bands who are worth checking out?

– It certainly isn’t what it used to be that’s for sure, the country has been in recession and a lot of pubs, bars and clubs that we might have played in ten years ago are sadly no longer around, this obviously impacts the music scene as there are less venues for bands to play in and even less venues willing to pay decent money to have a good band perform for them. But there are still some great bands around. That being said there are still some awesome bands out there… Exit State (who are sadly calling it a day), Fantasist, Those Dirty Words, I.C.O.N, We Like Humans, Kastrated, Jay Stansfield, Madame Red and Breaking Waves pretty much cover every genre you could wish for from death metal to acoustic so check them all out! We all have such a wide range of music we enjoy. Oh and check out “Gaunt Story” too, our very own guitarist Rob’s solo project.

– What makes Sunken Monkey stand out on the scene?

– I honestly haven’t really heard anything like us, sure maybe the music isn’t groundbreaking and we know that, but I think the way we play and particularly the way our frontman Spindle sings sets us aside from most other bands who might be placed in the same genre. Imagine the Arctic Monkeys if they had a bit of balls and punk spirit! Plus we always bring the party to our live shows. Expect beer bongs, shot drinking, bubble machines and pyrotechnics (well… Sparklers!)

– What do you want to be remembered for 50 years later?

– Wow, tough question! It would be nice to be remembered as the band that made millions and toured the World, but in reality it would be nice to be remembered as a band that stuck to their guns, did things their way and gave their fans something they could relate to.

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