Track by track /// Quiet As A Mouse ‘British Flag’ [EP] 2014

(c) Quiet As A Mouse

(c) Quiet As A Mouse

There are bands who you fall in love with in a very unexplainable manner: you just put on their music and realise that there’s something so magical and attractive about the sounds coming your way, that you gravitate towards them in an almost uncontrollable manner. Scottish wonder Quiet As A Mouse will perform this trick with you easily. August saw the band release their debut EP ‘British Flag’ and vocalist & guitarist Alex Moran casts some light on the four tracks on this record.

British Flag

I wrote the song in the middle of last year, but the title had been in my head for a year or two prior.
It was originally a five minute song, but this version never felt quite right. When we got to the studio (Toe Rag Studios) Liam (Watson) the producer helped us cut it down to this three minute version.
Before the sessions I had hoped this is what Liam would be like; a producer that isn’t afraid to take the reins when its needed and challenge us as musicians.

Cristina, It’s Christmas Time

This song is about a relationship that doesn’t ever get off the ground; after a couple of times of trying. I suppose the romance and sadness of it not working out even when you feel it really should have.


Olivia is a beautiful name. I did my best to do it justice with this song.
I was delighted my friend and fiddle player Malcolm Bushby could come down from Newcastle to London to play on the song. His melody adds a lot once it kicks in.

Head Turner

The title came about from person I used to be friends with. His parents lived down the road from a hairdresser called Head Turners. I always thought it was funny as his last name was Turner.
It was fun to get a bit more primal, direct, angry and playful with this song.

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