Face to face with The Four Fours

The Four Fours

Do you remember when the splendid The Four Fours told you all about their single ‘Count To Ten/Messing With History’? Well, it’s time to learn more about these lads and their no nonsense approach to music.

– By way of introducing The Four Fours to Rock Britain’s readers, tell us something we must certainly know about you?

– If you collect all three of us then you can connect us together and transform us into a giant bear with super strength that can shoot fireballs from its eyes.

– You used to be part of You Slut! What kind of influence does this experience have on your music way now?

– There’s a real angular and gutsy feel that we’ve taken forward, we also doff our cap by throwing in the occasional math element. They were purely instrumental whereas we have singalong songs. We’ve all shuffled about too so things are a very different. For example, our drummer, Rich, played guitar in YS!

– What’s the best thing about being in The Four Fours?

– It’s just three guys having some fun and getting on with it.

– You stick to DIY ethics. In your opinion, what’s the key to being a successful DIY artist?

– Do it well. If you can’t then get some help! Truth is, we quite like doing it on our terms. That said, we are open to working with other people. We shot and edited our own video for ‘Count To Ten’ but we’ve recently had talks with a filmmaker about a video for our next single.

What bands are your key music inspirations?

– We listen to a lot of different music spanning decades and genres. In terms of our main influences I guess bands like Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, and Queens of the Stone Age.

– What’s your biggest goal in music?

– Shifting 100,000 records would be incredible. I’d love to get a gold disc! A few years back I had a record deal, my manager at the time had a box full of dusty gold and platinum discs that he used to prop open his office door!

– What, in your opinion, makes The Four Fours stand out on the scene?

– We just get on with it, there’s no nonsense. We aren’t trying to be super cool or inaccessible. We just try to write catchy songs that are fun to play and sound great. It’s a conscious choice. That’s why none of our songs are longer than three and a half minutes!

– What are your plans for the nearest future?

– There will be another single on it’s way in Autumn and behind the scenes we are recording our album!

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