Track by track /// The Blue Dawns ‘I’ve Seen The Signs’ [EP] 2014


Dirty raging sounds storming out of ‘I’ve Seen The Signs’ EP by The Blue Dawns to seduce listeners with raw, old school passion which is hard to rival. Do you think you’ll be able to resist the temptation? Hardly. The Blue Dawns themselves take over Rock Britain to introduce their latest brainchild.

Here’s our completely unbiased and earnest outlook on the four songs from our recently released EP, with some fascinating exclusive insights into how we produced such an incomprehensibly delightful piece of art using only four brains and sixteen limbs.

No Other Girl Like You

This concrete-shattering opener is based around a primal yet elegant, simplistic yet complicated, mundane yet enthralling riff which rips its way through the airwaves and slams itself into the already frothing ear holes of the listener. The riff was conjured up by singer and bassist Ross earlier this year whilst he was showering, which is strangely where he seems to have his most creative of moments. He quickly sprung from under the dripping warmth of the squirting water, frantically wrapping a towel around his waist as he vacated the bathroom and nearly fatally slipping on the laminate hallway floor, bursting through his bedroom door and snatching his acoustic guitar from its stand in a manic haze of creative impulse, sitting on his bed and drenching the sheets – for there was no time for drying, and he proceeded to twang the strings violently whilst humming the riff on loop, until finally he struck gold, and the notes came flocking to his fingertips like elated little children running into the arms of their beloved father after he returns from a two week long ‘business trip’ which was actually a mere facade to cover up the fact he was nailing his secretary in a Travel Lodge near Leeds. And that is the quite profound and fascinating story of the origination of No Other Girl Like You.

Hiding Place

This marching bluesy-number originated in the dark, eerie tunnels of crazed guitarist Ben’s mind; the staggering rhythms of his guitar were then complimented by Jordan’s throbbing snare hits and by that point we knew we had a real red-hot-steaming hit on our hands, a song which could potentially rival Will Youngs version of ‘Light My Fire’ for the greatest recording in the history of man, woman and animal-kind. After gently stroking and nurturing the song for several hours in our practice room, other guitarist Ash tamed the beast into allowing us to add a solo at the end, during which we each had one nugget of golden opportunity to express our emotions through the medium of rock n roll. We looked at each other as we rocked out, our eyes glazed over with salty pride-filled tears as we marvelled at our creation. Ross came up with the inspirational, thought provoking lyrics while on a well earned holiday in Paris, and there we had it – Hiding Place was born weighing a whopping 80 pounds of pure rock n roll gold.

Running Out Of Time

This is the type of song which would make the most devout of nuns want to tear off her robes, find the nearest acid dealer and get royally bamboozled whilst listening to it trough Dre’s Beats repeatedly on her iPod. It was penned by Ross and Ben in Hornsea on another very well earned holiday in Hornsea last year, although it didn’t sound like the colossal beast of a tune that it is today until Ash added his trippy-hippy styled feedback in choruses an on the breakdown. There was still something missing though, and that something was to be a horrifying whisper track layered underneath the main vocals which when listened to at night time would make even Charles Bronson fill his undercrackers with bistro gravy juice (poo).

I’ve Seen The Signs

To really describe this song – the title track of the EP, the best thing to do is send you to watch the video on YouTube. I won’t spoil it but it includes enough fruit and veg to feed a third world country being thrown by us at each other. Oh and there’s a telly being hit by a cricket bat. And boobs. Not really any boobs, but I got your attention. Anyway I don’t want to spoil it, so go watch it now or forever hold your niece.

We really hope you enjoyed our stories of how we wrote our groundbreaking EP, we really feel much better after sharing these tales with the world of the internet, and hope that they will be told by generations to come when we are held in a similar regard to the Beatles, the stones, Zeppo and McBusted.

Thank you for reading,
Have a marvellous life and reincarnation

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