In their words /// The Lightness Of Being on ‘Wasteland’

The Lightness Of Being

It’s fantastic how one song can get you through all sorts of emotions in the span on several minutes. ‘Wasteland’ – a six-plus-minute epicness from The Lightness Of Being – is the music journey which will take you to the best place in the universe and back again.  It’ll grab you and pin you to the wall by its intensity, its character and its charisma. Guitarist Sam West talks about how this music grandness was born.

‘Wasteland’ was conceived on a cold winter’s evening in a rehearsal space, located in a West London industrial park. It was desolate that night as all the workers had gone home already and London had seen six inches of snow, so white slush covered the roads and the otherwise grey, grimy warehouse buildings. It made the area bleakly beautiful as the four of us trekked through the snow to get to the rehearsal space. I think it was just us who went to the studio that day, as most people had the sense to stay home! But I guess it set the mood for the session that night.

Around that time, a few of us had lost people close to us. So the song was a reflection on grieving and moving on. Some people learn to cope with the emptiness left behind…some of us never do…

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