Track by track /// False-Heads ‘Tunnel Vision’ [EP] 2014

False-Heads 2

Unusual, very hard to pin down and marvellously intriguing – this is all the new EP ‘Tunnel Vision’ from False-Heads. Wanna know more? Read on to Luke Griffiths’s introduction to each track on the record. 

Fall Around

My favourite song on the EP. I just really enjoyed writing it and finishing it which I don’t normally do when writing stuff. The chorus guitar chords came about when I was trying to work out Bottle Up and Explode by Elliott Smith but obviously it sounds nothing like it now once Jake and I turned it into the song it is but that’s kinda how it came about. Lyrically it’s probably my favourite as well but I don’t really like going into what lyrics are all about for some reason but I think it’s kinda clear anyway? Maybe, I don’t know.

Anything Else

One of our favourites to play live. I had a rough idea for the song about a year ago but it didn’t have the riff in the chorus or the solo until we re-worked it and Jake came up with the riff for the chorus which kinda cemented that section of the song together. I wanted a song that started out quite straight forward and melodic and turned into something a lot heavier. I didn’t actually intend for this song to be like that when I wrote it but it turned out that way so I guess it worked out well.

Without a Doubt

The oldest song on the EP, it’s about 2-3 years old. This has been recorded twice before but only to demo quality but we finally decided to do it justice and record it properly as I thought it deserved a huge sound. It came about just from the riff which I really liked and just turned it into a straight forward punky tune that we could enjoy playing live. We almost always finish on this tune live, it’s just fun to play really.


Like Without a Doubt this got recorded twice before, but again only to demo quality. Another song I really liked and felt deserved a big and good quality sound. it’s a really basic song that’s built around one chord sequence but there’s just something about it I like. Came about with me just fucking around on the higher strings and the verse came together. I thought it sounded like that song ‘Kiss Me’ haha but nevertheless here we are.

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