Getting to know /// Braver Than Fiction

(c) Ben Ponsford

(c) Ben Ponsford

Folk and blues vibes layered over alternative bases make Braver Than Fiction sound not like your ordinary band. Give them a listen, eh? And read on to lead singer Mel’s introducing the band.

– First of all, what was that, that brought you all guys together to form Braver than Fiction?

– Back in 2013, I initiated a studio project to organise and record my back-catalogue of original material in tandem with my working on new material (either solo or with a song-writing partner). After commandeering a few like-minded souls from the local music scene to work on that with me, it quickly became clear there was demand for us to take the project live. Consequently we arranged a showcase gig to test the waters and it was an enormous success; there was no question of us staying in the studio after that so we headed back to the rehearsal rooms to start developing our full set. The line-up has changed a little here and there since last summer but twelve months in, the creativity is still flowing – its most recent focal point being our new EP, King of Crows.

– Your EP King of Crows is out. How would you introduce it to Rock Britain’s readers?

– As reads the back cover of the King of Crows EP:

“We choose not to haemorrhage every note we conceive across the wonderful world of social media but, we do have an insatiable predilection for playing live, at every possible opportunity. In search of a faithful echo to reflect this passion, we challenged ourselves to record all four tracks for our first EP live, on the same day.

If you are looking for a recording that has been picked apart and scoured to death in production you are going to be disappointed. Aside from some minimal but entirely necessary tweaks, this is an authentic portrayal of how Braver than Fiction actually sound – up close and personal.

We hope that you enjoy it and that you will be encouraged to venture out to one of our gigs and support the live scene!”

– What makes this EP special and stand out?

– As mentioned previously, there’s the fact that it’s live.

Aesthetically it’s unique; the first batch of EPs are a limited edition run of 100 on vinyl-look CD that have all been signed by the band. They are hand-finished with a silver metal crown charm and individually numbered. We have almost sold out and consecutive runs will be in plain cases, on regular CDs and not signed.

The four tracks on King of Crows are remarkably different in character but carefully selected to blend perfectly. They also exists a connecting theme which we’re going to let listeners figure out for themselves but, it is not as obvious as it may initially seem.

Not all of the tracks are immediately available either. The title track, “King of Crows” is only presented on purchase of the entire EP. We have not streamed a preview of it and will not be making it accessible as a digital download single (unlike other tracks from King of Crows).

– What’s your approach towards your live shows? How do you make them memorable?

– All of the band members are seasoned musicians who had been involved in a diversity of projects, spanning many genres, for several years. We all enjoy playing live – there is simply nothing that compares to it and no matter what the size of the venue/crowd, our audiences know that we want to be there, we are having fun and we want them to have fun too. They pick up on our vibe just as much as we pick up on theirs. Nobody forgets those types of experience.

– What was your first encounter with music like? What made you pick up the guitar and become a musician?

– I grew up inexorably infected by music of all imaginable strains. I don’t remember a time when I was not being vigorously encouraged to enjoy music in some form. It was a natural process to become a musician and being a musician has always been a privilege. I consider myself fortunate to be in a position to share what goes on in my mind and connect with others to divert and stimulate them. There is no zenith; as a musician you are always practicing, creating and learning – it’s straight awesome being challenged in that way and I will never, ever get enough of it.

– What’s your biggest music ambition?

– I’d like to write a James Bond movie theme (I am not joking).

– Tell us the most important reason why music lovers must check out Braver than Fiction?

– You tell us.

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