In their words /// City Reign on ‘When You Got It All’

City Reign live at The Deaf Institute
Have you ever sat and thought about the repetitive monotony of getting up every morning, going to work, coming home, eating, watching TV, going to bed and then doing the whole thing again the next morning? And have you ever wondered why it is that we all do it? Because millions of us do it, and millions of us complain about it, but yet we still keep doing it.
Is it because we all tell ourselves that one day we’ll crack the big time, and all of our dreams will come true and we’ll never have to work again?
But have you ever wondered what that would even be like? your whole world changing, your lifestyle, your friends, everything?
You might have guessed by now that some of these thoughts have crossed my mind, and are the lyrical inspiration behind our new single, When You Got It All.
All this contemplation is set to the backdrop of a whirlwind of clattering drums and fizzing guitars. The sound is the result of having four creative members all contributing in a way that we’ve not really worked before and I think it’s helping us to really develop and find a sound that is undeniably our own.
By Chris Bull



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