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Whicha Mirrors

Lightyears was conceived in the Summer of 2011. Inspired by a timelessness felt both in our evolving friendship and in our surroundings. The themes of eternal youth, love, life & death, and reincarnation are prevalent in the track. The cyclical nature of the seasons, of relationships as well as some subtle references to the afterlife itself. (‘Don’t let go/ There’s other worlds to know’). The song touches on the idea of time being an illusion, and that we are all somehow, intrinsically connected eternally through the magnetic energy of our souls, and no greater is this idea demonstrated than through the shared experience of love.

As with most of our material, the melody seemed to just ‘arrive’ in completion without any prior thought. It’s always a fascinating process how melodies are often ‘born’. Where the conscious mind could otherwise be completely distracted by something entirely unrelated, yet whatever emotions are swirling around in the subconscious at that time, can still force their way to the surface and manifest themselves as musical sentences.

In the case of ‘Lightyears’, we can remember it well. The conscious mind was half heartedly watching channel 4’s ‘Come Dine With Me’.. but emotionally speaking, the soul was somewhere miles away, in another time, on a hilltop in Summer, 8 years old again, catching dandelions with the pretty girl from next door. Young, connected and without a care in the world.

Initially the plan was to go into the studio and record a rough and ready live take of the song, much like the impromptu one we did at Finsbury Park train station. But, as our first track and first real statement to the world, we decided we really wanted to take our time with the arrangement and recording process. Although devised simply on acoustic guitars, we held the vision for a more full-borne and colourful canvas, complete with percussion, bass and strings.

We sought out experienced drummer Tim Weller to record the percussion, which we wrote carefully before hand. Tim has drummed for many great artists over the years and holds the drum chair for Billy Elliot The Musical. He captured the mature feel we were after perfectly. We then pieced together the elements, writing extra guitar layers and recording the bass ourselves. An old friend of ours and talented strings player Anisa Arslanagic then came down to add the icing with the viola part. We layered about 16 of her takes in total to give a really rich feel to the strings, and give the final chorus that floaty ‘take-off’ moment and filmic element we’d always envisioned.

A video for ‘Lightyears is in the pipeline and the recording of track 2: Green Park, has already begun, with full album to follow. Whilst Lightyears is not planned for release until next Spring, it is available to stream direct from our website: or at

by Whicha Mirrors

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