Face to face with Less Than Nothing

Less Than Nothing

Evocative instrumental music needs no words to fully express itself… This is what makes Less Than Nothing stand out and be this special band you’ve been looking for for a long time. Recently the band have released their full-length album ‘It Will Set You Free’ – a bit-over-half-an-hour music masterpiece where instruments live their own lives and talk to you without any verbal means. Rock Britain chats to Less Than Nothing about the record, film soundtracks and great achievements.

First of all, congrats on the full-length album release! What’s the thing that makes you especially proud of ‘It Will Set You Free’?

Jamie: The overall sound of the album, the artwork, how it all came together and how well it’s been received especially locally.

Owen: Personally I have enjoyed reading through the album reviews we’ve had, which have included some encouraging feedback. The review by ‘echoes and dust’ sums up the album well in my opinion.

While working at the album, what were the most memorable things and events?

Jamie: Being at the studio we got to use some amazing equipment as well as using our own stuff. For guitars I got to use some great amps which I always wanted to play on and try out some  different effects pedals. Working with Guy Elderfield at the studio was also great, we shared some good stories, bands to listen to and good films to watch he listened carefully and helped us get the sounds we wanted and inspired some new ones.   Also one day we managed to get free fries from burger king.

Glenn: Personally I just remember how good Guy our sound engineer was, it made for some great recording

Owen: We got to use some great equipment at the studio, including a prototype effects pedal and an amp that was supposedly owned by Pete Townsend. On the first day I forgot to bring my drum sticks and had to drive back and get them as soon as I got there!

Getting back to the basics, how did Less Than Nothing start?

Jamie: I started the band with my friend Yue Fong Wong after our first band ended. Шnspired initially by the fucking champs, the hated, seeing explosions in the sky play live and wanting to write my own original material.

After going through a lot of drummers we put an ad around the music shops in Nottingham and that’s how we met Owen and through Owen we met Glenn.

Why did you opt for being an instrumental band? What are the biggest challenges of being an instrumental band?

Owen: We started out as an instrumental band, and as we progressed we felt that a singer wouldn’t suit the type of music we were playing. Good vocalists can be hard to find too. I think one of the biggest challenges of being an instrumental band is trying to keep the music interesting. I think people who have never heard instrumental music can tend to be put off by the concept of it which can be a difficulty.

Glenn: Being an instumental band has got easier with the internet allowing listeners to choose exactly what kind of music they want(which is great!). however we have had problems getting local gigs as our music is a bit out of the ordinary.

Who are your most favourite instrumental bands? 

Jamie: Explosions in the sky, This Will Destroy you, The Fucking Champs Mogwai, And so I watch you from afar, Unwed sailor, pelican, Ghosts and vodka, toe, Gifts from Enola and a bit of god speed you! black emperor

Owen: Mogwai, Explosions in the sky, And so I watch you from afar, and Pelican to name a few.

Your music is incredibly beautiful and evocative. What music do you listen to and in what atmosphere if you want to be inspired?

Jamie: I listen to lots music all the time, so I suppose there’s lots of inspiration coming from different places. Mostly it will be one guitar part I’ll be working on that will inspire me that will get me to think to fit it together with other parts I’ve written in the past and it will build up from there. So the inspiration will be what I’m feeling at the time really.

What’s the biggest attraction of your live shows?

Jamie: We can get loud which is fun, also like with our launch show for the album there was a great atmosphere a good buzz and that made us play better and everyone had a good time.

Owen: The genre of music we play often works best live, and we also have a chance to improvise and try out new ideas while playing the show. 

If you were to lend your music as a soundtrack to some film, what film genre do you want it to be in?

Jamie: I wouldn’t mind the genre as long as the films good and the music fits and it works well together. I think it would be cool maybe a decent drama or a silent film.

Owen: That’s a difficult question, Mogwai and Explosions in the sky have both done film soundtracks recently.  Maybe a drama?

What are your plans for the nearest future?

Owen: We’re planning to play a few gigs, and maybe start working on another album in the future. We also have a few small projects to finish including re-building a guitar and effects pedals.

Jamie: Keep on playing gigs and hopefully a tour and writing new stuff.

What Less Than Nothing’s achievement are you most proud of?

Owen: It sounds simple but producing ‘It Will Set You Free’ was our most proud achievement. A huge amount of time, money and effort went into making the album and we are all proud of it. 

Glenn:  This album for sure, putting together a load of tunes with a few good friends and it actually sounding pretty decent!

Jamie: This album and how much we all progressed since we first all played together.

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