Track by track /// Scarlet Soho ‘Two Steps From Heartache’ [EP] 2014

Scarlet Soho 2
Scarlet Soho’s music is mysteriously electronic as well as electric. Rock Britain think that this band make ideal soundtrack for nights, so the release of their EP ‘Two Steps From Heartache’ is brilliant news. Scarlet and James talk you through all the tracks of their newest brainchild.
Two Steps From Heartache
I think this is quite an unusual song for us to write in that it’s more groove based and doesn’t depend on speed or brute force to get the point across. As with many of our tracks, we aim to cover more macabre subjects in our lyrics, but within a pop/electro style. The theme behind the song was to somehow capture that feeling that however great we feel at times, we always have the nagging thought something bad is about to happen! I know it sounds odd, but that’s just the way we are. It could be this blend which separates us from mainstream pop acts, so I’m prepared to make the most of this misery!
I’d say this is a song about the sacrifices that all good bands make to do what they want to so. Some will neglect their education, friendships, family, career etc, just to keep it together. Bands can still be a success without making those sacrifices, but they are often the bands with no staying power and no respect for their followers. Anyone who’s been in a band for some time (as we have) will understand. To play music and tour around is a privilege and very much a way of life. It’s not something you can just tap into when you feel like it or give up when something’s not how you intended it to be.
“They don’t speak, they are professionals” is a lyric that sums this up. Decent bands barely communicate with each other, they just do what they do, because talking is a waste of valuable stage energy!
Analogue Dialogue (live in Weimar)
The original track is a bit of a live favourite from our ‘Warpaint’ album. It always goes down well in the set and can be a bit of an assault on the senses as it’s pretty hard and fast! We’ve had a lot of people say that they prefer this to the recorded version, which I think outlines the fact that we are very much a live band rather than a studio band. I take it as a compliment! The show this track was taken from was actually a date from our final tour with our previous synth player (Stuart Key), so it means quite a lot to have it as part of the EP. I remember the show itself being a good show but no more or less than any of the others on that tour, but when we listened through to a load of live tracks it totally stood out from the rest as being something a bit special. I hope that it enlightens anyone who hasn’t caught us live before to the fact we’re not just an electro group that stands around on stage scratching our asses.
PTTM (Kosheen 12″ extended remix)
We did a tour around europe with Kosheen last year and prior to that they very kindly did this remix for us! PTTM stands for Pedal To The Metal. We never released the original version of the track as we could never really sign off on it, only the Kosheen mixes have seen the light of day (so far!) and I’m not really sure why it is called a 12″ remix as we didn’t release it on vinyl…?! It’s a great track and we currently use it in the live show to walk onstage to as it has a nice build and sense of excitement about it.
Two Steps From Heartache (James Yuill remix)
I love love love love this remix! James Yuill is mixing some of our forthcoming album, which we’re hoping to release early 2015. He mixed the a-side to the EP as well and has an excellent grasp on the sound we want to achieve. The remix has a completely different feel to our usual sound without losing the arc of the song. He uses some cool tropical percussion and flips the rhythm of the track on its head. It’s danceable but in a strangely wistful manner. I usually drop it into any DJ sets I do.

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