Track by track /// Loving Forty-Four ‘Strip Me Dirty’ [EP] 2014

Loving Forty-Four

Loving Forty-Four won’t take long to electrify your atmosphere with their intense, sexy music. Trust us, these guys can’t miss and will shoot you straight into your heart. The band’s EP ‘Strip Me Dirty’ is a collection of  tunes destined to make you move – just what the musicians aim at doing. In this track-by-track story Loving Forty-Four tell you all about ‘Strip Me Dirty’ the EP.


Well, Sabretooth always had to be the opener. We open all our gigs with it, cos its like our warm up, so you feel like a dick if you mess it up live. It’s the oldest track on the EP as well, so we’ve always been tight when playing it.

It’s changed though, quite dramatically over time. Cos we wrote it when Loving Forty-Four seemed to be ending, so we were just jamming and came up with it. It’s the same way we got Burn My Body (Track 2).

It’s a groove track, we wrote it that way, we play it that way, it’s simple and to the point. It’s not complicated but it doesn’t need to be. We first wrote this as just a jam, just cos we were at a loose end one day. And it stayed as a jam for a couple of years, then when the band finally got started up again, we dug it out of the ground and tried it out, and it stuck from there.

It could maybe be described as our “single”, the one that seems to be most popular, we think it’s the hook line in the chorus that really helps it to get stuck in your head. It’s just three very simple ideas from each of us, that pretty much stay the same for 2 and a half minutes, they come together and that’s Sabretooth. The guitar isn’t as in your face as the rest of the EP, it’s almost like it’s not quite ready yet. The bass just sits along the same level as the guitar, it’s like a mutual understanding that no one is to lose their shit just yet. There’ll be plenty of time for that later. Its bluesy, it’s groovy, it sounds like it was written 50 years ago.

Burn My Body

This is a live favourite for us. This is a track where we can actually lose our shit. Straight from the word Go, it makes you wanna dance. And it just doesn’t give up. If you aren’t standing up on your feet by the final ‘Burn my body and stitch it to the ground!’ you might as well stop listening now.

The track wasn’t written with anything other than anger in mind. It’s for all the pissed off amongst you, so listen to it and get angry, it feels pretty good.

The drums are in your face throughout, they hold the pace of the song throughout with dozens of sharp fills filling tiny gaps in the verses, alongside the bass unrelentingly holding up the rhythm of the song. At the very least, it’s a foot tapper.

Recording was difficult though, especially the guitar parts, its such a sloppy riff and melody, but it needs to be played as tight as can be. The solo took a while to come about, we couldn’t find the perfect way to blend it into the song, by the end we would just sing a solo and then attempt to recreate it on the guitar. It worked pretty well, and the solo you hear was originally some shambles of three guys with filthy hangovers wailing away in the control room.


It’s just sex for your ears. When writing Cream we wanted two things, we wanted a baby maker, and we wanted it to hit you straight in the groin. The rhythm we keep throughout is like a full band metronome, and it hooks you in, there’s really not a lot you can do about it. The verses are softer and sexier with sweet harmonies while the bass maintains the count. But there’s a good few instrumental minutes of all rise, topped off with some savage Rage Against The Machine inspired face melter, Tom Morello would be proud. When we picture the video of the song, just imagine a twilight desert orgy with rattlesnakes and payote buttons.

When we first wrote the song, the original lyric was ‘as your body starts to creep’ but then Al suggested because of his dirty mind that the lyric should be cream instead of creep, and that’s how it happened. It is a pretty dirty tune, but it’s meant to be like that, it’s inspired by true events.


Nicotine was the only way we could have rounded off the album. It combines all the blues funk groove rock of the previous 3 songs, chucks in a bunch of grunge, and creates something huge. The riff came about years before the song ever became a massive song for the band. The lyrics, well some of them, were born 2 years before we ever got the riff, which then created the song. Nicotine came about through putting 2 old ideas together to create something brand new. Oh, and it’s about Charles Manson.

The EP cover was inspired by this song, and the title ‘Strip Me Dirty’ comes straight from a lyric in the chorus. Think of the girl with smoke pouring out of her mouth, and spilling over her lips when you hear the chorus. The song is a homage from us to 90s grunge, as soon as we wrote it we pictured Layne Stayley singing it. We also pay a sneaky tribute to Johnny Cash, see if you can spot it.

We recorded the EP over a weekend of self abuse and rock and roll at Bleeding Ear Studios in Southend on Sea. It was lovingly produced, engineered, mixed and loved by Dave Merry, the sweetest guy. This EP was a long time in the making, we slaved over it, but ultimately we came out with an end product that we couldn’t be happier with, a filthy, grungy, bluesy, 17 minute portfolio of our best ever work.

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