In their words /// Kassassin Street on ‘Centre Straight Atom’

Kassassin Street

Centre Straight Atom (sen-tore stray-t atum). I must be really honest, I normally struggle to confide what my lyrics are about. I like the idea that people attach their own meanings to songs, I certainly do. Songs have been somewhat ruined for me in the past when I discovered that my deep and knowledgable understanding of what it meant lay totally off the mark. I love that a tune can mean different things to different people so I’d hate to get rid of too much of that mystery…

From my point of view, loosely CSA stands as a kind of anti-ode to bigotry and ignorance in all of it’s forms. It’s certainly not a soapbox orientated anthem, I would hate to be seen as any sort of modern day political messiah, it’s just something that I feel really strongly about.

There’s a certain right wing political party that have chosen to hold marches through our hometown in the last few years, they’ve always been made to feel very unwelcome and I suppose I wanted to document that. It’s not just dedicated to racial ignorance though, I suppose it’s about standing up publicly for the rights of others, of not allowing the poisonous and unjust views of some pass us by unchallenged. I think it’s something that we’re probably all guilty of not doing often enough…

I am very proud to be a citizen in a multi-cultural country, that is not governed by religion and where 2 individuals, regardless of their gender, can fall in love and legally marry. I’m not ashamed to stand up for those beliefs, I believe them to be just. Traditionalism and the fear of change ultimately harms us all. The beautiful thing is, I know that I’m in the majority when I express those views too… I suppose we are all just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up…

The first time we really played through Centre Straight Atom we were in Andy’s parents’ kitchen (I’m always in the kitchen at parties). His parents were away on holiday and his sister kept popping in for biscuits. I can’t really say more than that! It’s been a firm live favourite for a while now and it feels really good to finally get it out there!

by Rowan Bastable

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