Face to face with KAZO


KAZO are still a very young band and have a long way to go in music, but it’s clear already now that these guys have a lot to offer. Their groovy, charged, rich in electric riffs tunes are a real head turner, so keep your eyes peeled and read on to Rock Britain’s chat with KAZO about their EP ‘Cocktails And Canapes’, relationship with fans and the magnetism of live shows.

– Could you bring us a bit back into the history of KAZO and tell us how the band started?

– A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, we were 11, bored and found some instruments. From jamming in Jack’s bedroom, we fell in love with playing music, and decided to unite under the banner of musical brotherhood. Along the way there have been mishaps, line-up changes and general idiocy, but we’re still here doing it today.

– You changed the name from The Ordinary to KAZO in 2014. What prompted the name change? What sort of new chapter did it start in the band’s life?

– We felt as if our Music had changed and we had in a way outgrown of the name The Ordinary, we knew it was time to change the name and Kazo looked cool.

– Your debut EP ‘Cocktails And Canapes’ is out. What’s the best thing about this EP that makes you super proud of it?

– It’s taken a lot of time and work and to know that it’s finally out there is weird feeling, the best thing about the EP is that we’ve spent so much time with no music out there that now we do and people can listen hear us.

– What’s the story behind the EP? How was it born?

– The EP is a collection of songs that we’d written over the course of about 3 years it took a lot of time and effort SBD we put everything we had into it but in the end we have come out with something were really proud of and as we said before the whole thing was born due to the fact we always want to challenge ourselves as musicians.

– You worked with Dan Broad at ‘Cocktails And Canapes’. What was the most exciting thing about working with him? And the most challenging?

– The whole idea of working with a producer took us all back, we’ve been working with Dan for a couple of years now and he knows us inside out and what we’re aiming for with our sound and he also knows us as people which is all amazing. Knowing he has worked with the likes of Happy Mondays was insane, there is no challenge really like he works us hard but that’s what drives us when in the studio.

– Your live shows sound very thrilling by what attendees say about them. What’s your philosophy of playing live which you go by while onstage?

– It’s a performance at the end of the day, you have got to give the fans a show they’ll remember, they come to watch the band not to listen , as well as that playing what’s on the record is important but if they wanted to hear that they’d just listen to that. We just do what we do, groove and enjoy ourselves.

– Your love for your fans is incredible! If you were to hold a special show for your fans, not just a regular gig, but something unusual, what would you do? How would you make this gig stand out?

– We’d attempt at writing a full set on stage for our fans and write each individual track on stage for a group or a fan and do whole set based of this idea.

– You get inspired by life around you. What was the most unusual source of inspiration that prompted you to write a song?

– Probably a track called Mr.Pinecone as it was inspired by a vision that came to Jack in his sleep from doctor manlove.

– What’s your main approach, the most important thing in writing music for you which you’ll never give up?

– The organic and spontaneous nature of live music is what we’re all about and something we’ll never give up. It’s all about feeling at the end of the day; capturing a moment in time.

– What can we expect from KAZO next?

– There’s no rest for us after our first EP; we’re currently writing material for the next release, along with non-stop gigging and just general tomfoolery. We like tomfoolery.

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