Track by track /// Two Weeks Running ‘Human Nature’ [EP] 2014

Two Weeks Running1

Two Weeks Running boast this special  no-nonsense approach to making their music, so chances are that you’ll be singing and tapping your feet along to every line of their newest EP ‘Human Nature’ after a couple of listens only. Let this talented collective brighten up your day and read on to Two Weeks Running’s introduction of every track of ‘Human Nature’ the EP.

Bullet Train

Bullet Train was introduced when we were recording another track in the studio at the beginning of the year. Phil shyly started playing the song to himself on the acoustic and we all began overhearing it and by the end were all listening carefully. The song was very simple and it seemed a perfect one to start building on once we got back into the rehearsal room. I don’t think that any of us could have predicted how intense and hard-hitting it would end up sounding when we first heard the frail skeleton of it on the acoustic guitar.

Holy Ghost

This song was conceived when Alex bought a new loop pedal and started playing around with it at practice. It was originally two separate bass parts on top of each other but he worked out a way of playing them both at the same time. Guitar and drums layers were then added and the song developed from there. It really began to take shape once we reached the recording studio where we played around with all sorts of guitar sounds and delay pedals. We felt we had a missing ingredient once we had laid down the chorus until we realised that a variation of the vocal outro would slot into there as a backing vocal. Once we had slotted this final piece into there, it instantly added more power and energy to the song which I think you can really feel from the first listen.

The video for ‘Holy Ghost’ is one that we are really proud of. We wanted to create a video that would maintain interest from start to finish so we all wrote down a list of ideas then went shooting all sorts of random scenes around our hometown of Bolton and Manchester. We worked with our good friend, Alex Winch throughout the filming and editing of the video which made it easy to get our ideas across. The ‘Rock The House – Best Music Video’ award which we received at the Houses of Parliament earlier this year was the icing on the cake for us.

Inhale / Exhale

When we first started writing this song the lyrics were utter nonsense as with a lot of our songs when they first start out. I remember Chris Akabusi’s name being in there right up until the day of recording when we settled for some better suited lyrics.

Waste Of A Day

This song is one which we started writing when we first formed the band. We first came up with the chorus and verse and then got completely stuck with where to take it from there, so it sat on the back-burner for a while. We knew we had a killer chorus however so we revisited it about a year later and Phil came up with the “And we are gold” and things started to take shape from there. This song has a bit of an obscure structure and the final third of the song started off as a separate track until we figured out a way of merging them together. This one has a good sing-a-long quality to it and has gained quite a reputation when we play it live as it’s always one to get the crowd-surfers up.

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