In their words /// Indian Summer on ‘By No One, For Nothing’

Indian Summer 1

‘By No One, For Nothing’ was the first of the new songs that Indian Summer learnt following the release of our EP this February. The performance and dynamics of the song developed effortlessly, and as such it became an immediate presence in our live sets.

The riff and the structure of the song was conceived by Nathan, the primary songwriter of the band, and we honed the musical intricacies over several band practices (usually with improvised lyrics). It quickly became evident that the interplay between the two guitar parts would represent a crucial element of the song’s aesthetic, as it has often done for us in the past.

 The lyrical rhetoric was initially inspired by a discontentment with the omnipresent barrage of intrusive advertising and the seemingly endless commodification of mundane entities for the purpose of private gain. However, I feel that the lyrics transcend the specific subject matter which inspired them, and instead serve to articulate a more general sense of dissatisfaction: the song’s climactic mantra ‘There must be some kind of way out of here’ perhaps best represents this (and also acts as a healthy nod to All Along the Watchtower).

 When it came to recording ‘By No One, For Nothing’, we took what we’d learned from recording our EP last year and decided that it would be best to record the song live: for me personally, being able to capture the energy of this track was much more important than creating a meticulously crafted, layered production. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do so at 80 Hertz studios in Manchester (which has an incredible sounding live room), and managed to get the song down in 4 takes. Once we’d recorded the vocals and a couple of overdubs, myself and Tim begun the process of mixing the song and eventually were satisfied that we’d attained the best possible result.

While the curse of recording is often that the hundreds of repeated listens inspire contempt for the song, ‘By No One, For Nothing’ has remained in my consciousness and will undoubtedly persist as a mainstay of our live sets for a significant time to come.

It’s available for free download on both soundcloud and bandcamp, hope you all enjoy it.

by Ben Scott

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