In their words /// Hornet on ‘Cry Wolf’


Hornet frontman Joe Thompson and bassist Max Thompson tell us ‘in their words’ a little bit about the band’s forthcoming new single, ‘Cry Wolf’, which is out on November 25th.

Joe: Well, the initial idea for ‘Cry Wolf’ stemmed from the tale of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’, an expression that means “to raise a false alarm”. The tale is one of Aesop’s Fables which comes from Ancient Greek Mythology, an interest of ours. My lyrics tell a personal story in my life about someone in particular who lies so often that they eventually believe it themselves.  They then find they can no longer talk their way out of situations and have no one there to back them up or believe them. The song derives from the theme of our new EP, the science of lying. It’s based around not only the seven universal emotions (anger, fear, sadness, disgust, contempt, surprise and happiness) but also goes more in depth into human nature and how we tell the truth and lie and how both good and bad things come out of it.

Max: As a band we are fed up with liars and people who try to ruin your life. It’s something other people and our existing fans can relate to as we’ve all been lied to or had a lie told about us which can make a big impact on your life. This EP is basically us flipping the bird to everyone who has spread lies about us and has lied to us, from pathetic personal vendettas to other shit people have said and that we’ve dealt with. Sometimes life can throw a lot of shit at you. Some people fall apart but we channel our emotions into our music.

Joe: For me the song is a real growth for us a band. It’s hard to pinpoint what we sound like exactly. I think it’s our own sound now, I really do. But if you’re into rock, metal and punk with a modern vibe, I think you’ll dig our sound.

Max: Writing the song was a lot of fun. Our guitarist, Tollef [Rikje-Pearson], came up with the main idea but we all structured the song together, and worked on vocal melodies, harmonies etc. to make the song what it has become. This time around we wanted the whole band to have input on each other’s parts. We believe it makes for a better song.

By Joe Thompson and Max Thompson

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