Band of the week /// The Twisted Dolls

The Twisted Dolls

Their riffs will make your head go dizzy and intense tunes will become your obsession. Please give it up to The Twisted Dolls.

On The Twisted Doll’s formation: It came together out of the ashes of an old band. Luke and Jimi wanted to start a new group with a real heavy blues influence, using some of the material from a short story Luke wrote called ”The Twisted Dolls” as influence for the image, artwork, lyrics and of course the band’s name.

On ‘War Child’: Luke wrote this tune a few years ago. It’s about always standing strong in the face of trouble or adversity, about being able to bounce back no matter what the circumstance or how difficult. If you can do that, then you’re a War Child, baby.

On the songwriting process: Almost everything gets written on the piano or guitar and brought into the rehearsal room, it’ll usually have some form of influence from Luke’s original short story ‘The Twisted Dolls’. Tom and Jimi then beat a huge rhythm around it until we have a full band arrangement which sounds enormous!

On ‘The Velvet Noise’ EP: I’d say it is a collection of our most powerful blues songs. A great introduction to us as a band. Ranging from foot stomping blues riffs in ‘Midnight Train’ through to soaring Cream-esque blues-psychedelia in ‘Black Magic Blues’.

On the cartoon picture of The Twisted Dolls: That’s us, as ‘Twisted Dolls’. Luke drew them up as a way of bringing to life the big influence that the Dolls’ story has on our music and image. We’re now going to start offering them out to all fans. Luke will draw anyone who asks, as a Twisted Doll of their very own!

– You’re based in Manchester – the iconic place for music. How are you influenced by your surroundings?

On coming from Manchester: We’ve all been to amazing gigs in Manchester and there are some fantastic live bands around. When you see people responding to your music in your home town it definitely gives you a big buzz. It is nice though, as our music isn’t typically ‘Mancunian’, when we go to other cities, people are often pleasantly surprised that we sound a lot different to a typical Manchester group.

On the earliest music memory: Luke – Mine is watching a performance of Marc Bolan & T Rex on a Top of the Pops re-run when I was very little. My Dad was a huge T Rex fan all his life, and I am still to this day.

Jimi – My earliest memory was my dad showing me the Queen performance at Live Aid back in 1984. He talked about how Freddie owned the crowd and “had them in the palm of his hands”. Even to this day watching that performance brings goosebumps.

Tom – Earliest music memory is bouncing around the house with my parents to Madness – Divine madness VHS

On the most favourite music quote: Luke – “Dreams, if they’re any good, are always a little crazy” – Ray Charles

Jimi – “Music is a necessity. After food, air, water and warmth, music is the next necessity of life.” – Keith Richards

Tom – Mine’s a little more tongue in cheek a suppose ‘I love our kid… just not as much as I love pot noodles’ -Noel Gallagher

On guilty music pleasures: Luke – I’m not going to lie, Taylor Swift has some great pop tunes. I love a good pop melody.

Jimi – ha!!! Loads! Right now I’ll say that it’s Reggae Shark but there’s Bruno Mars ( who doesn’t love a choreographed band!) S Club 7, Spice Girls…..all the cheesy stuff….to say my music taste is eclectic would be an understatement!

Tom – Give me Kelly Clarkson or Busted any day of the week

On the future: Luke – We’re hoping that our New Single ‘King of the Blues’ is a real success when it is released (29th Nov), and it helps our fan base to grow more. The new year should hopefully hold lots of possibilities!

Jimi – Riffs!!! And a hell of a lot of ’em!

Tom – We’ve got a few tour’s in the works, a couple of Short U.K ones and possibly an European or American tour.

On the ideal achievement: Luke – The sky is really our limit in our minds. There is a venue in Manchester called The Ritz, where we’ve seen many of our favourite bands play over the years, to become successful enough be playing festivals and then one day headline the Ritz, that’s the dream. Dream big.

Jimi – Every band dreams of that Glastonbury headline slot or selling out Wembley!

Tom – Touring tour, tour, tour, tour, tour.

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