Track by track /// Play Record Erase ‘New Colour’ [EP] 2014

Play Record Erase

Big alternative riffs with eerie, dreamy feel making its way from the outer space to the explosive foreground turn Play Record Erase’s EP ‘New Colour’ into an affair to remember. In this track by track story the band guide you through their fantastic brainchild.

The EP as a whole has a different meaning from the songs individually. And although all songs were written at different times as stand alone songs, in the ‘New Colour’ EP, they create a loose theme evolving around an alien Invasion inspired by ‘The War Of The World album’.  ‘Rapture’ being the first song in the EP is the start of the Alien invasion. Followed by ‘Wars Of The Intergalactic Kind’, which is the full on invasion with people panicking and fighting back. With ‘Heart Of Gold’, meets the defeat and how so many people want to stand up and help, but knowing they can’t do anything to make a difference. The last song ‘Asymmetry’, tells after the defeat. How humans have been able to create new societies in a post apocalyptic world of sole survivors. However, these new societies and colonies don’t get along and begin killing each other off. This is to show how we are all the same before and after. Nothing changes a man.

As individual songs at the time of their creation these are the meanings of the songs.


It actually means the biblical meaning of the word Rapture. It has an overview of the moments on earth before it all falls apart and the lyrics follow this in our own version of the event.  It has a time signature change changing from the normal 4/4 to 3/4 for the break downs to give a different pace of feel and style which tends to be a fundamental technique the band have taken on board when writing songs.

Wars of the Intergalactic Kind

This song has gone through many changes throughout its creation starting from an acoustic ballad into a small prog rock epic. The modern version used in the EP is a mini War of the Worlds tracks with other influences from Star Trek, with sounds within the song resembling alien lasers and leit motifs from one side to another. It starts as a nice romantic calm song with influences from Muse, before a big attack from above.

Heart of Gold

A sister song to ‘Asymmetry’ in length and time signature, this song is about a person with a kind heart who wants go out of their way to help others but doesn’t have the physical and mental courage to do it and how they are trying to overcome this state.

This is our softest track, letting the story do the talking and not the instruments.
This song was originally created to be a prelude into asymmetry, but instead it was developed to be a song of it’s own. Standing out to be some of our fans favourites.


Asymmetry is the brother song to ‘Heart of Gold’. This is about society not being able to agree, with the song implying that this is the main embodiment to killing off humanity.

It follows the Pixies, loud chorus and quiet verse structure throughout. This song was written when our lead singer Ben, was writing songs as a solo act before the band was formed which was going to be featured on his EP. This then changed when the band was formed as it was then taken on to be in the bands EP.

This song will always be one of our classic first few songs which we will keep bringing back to live shows.

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