Face to face with Suzerain


Suzerain are epic. Do we need to say more? They belong to the superb breed of bans who must be heard and admired by all means if you like really good music. The band’s EP ‘Good Day’ comes out on 30th November and Rock Britain had a chat with Tom Pether (vocals) about the forthcoming release, using various instruments and Suzerain’s ideal road trip with a band of their choice.

– Your new EP ‘Good Day’ is out on 30 November. What should we know about this EP by all means?

– It’s an introduction to the things we do and the sound we have – I love the fact that with an EP we can offer up different aspects of who we are. An EP feels more like a conversation rather than a sound bite.

– There’s a remix of ‘Manhattan’ made by Touchy Subject. How did this collaboration come about? Why did you choose this particular track to be remixed?

– He’s a friend of ours and we love his work, so it seemed natural to do something together. Manhattan felt right for a remix as well as there‘s a lot of space and melody to play with. We were also really curious to see how it would come out.

– What kind of experience was it to work with Steve Lyon on ‘Good Day’ the single?

– Working with Steve is always a pleasure – we have a great working dynamic now and a good shorthand for how we communicate. He’s also not afraid to change things around and shake up the process, so while every recording is a challenge to create something new, it’s also fun because it’s a challenge.

– You’re planning to release your new full-length in 2015. What stage of album-making are you at now? How’s the work at it been so far?

– I love working in the studio and we were really keen to make a studio record as opposed to a live band record recording the songs they wrote to play live. Don’t get me wrong I love live too, but we wanted to make something that would stand on its own as a great record. We’re close to completion. Just a few finishing touches left to do.

– While recording albums, what are your most important habits/rules that you never break?

– We are incredibly strict with ourselves and I think if something seems superfluous to requirement or if it doesn’t really need to be there we bin it. Ultimately if we felt that any of the music sounded like it could have been written or produced by any other band it’s not right.

– Your instrumentation and melodies are absolutely incredible. And you’ve used the cello on ‘Hell Of A Way To Go’ on ‘Good Day’ the EP. Is there any particular instrument you’d like to try out in your music, but still haven’t had a chance to?

– Thank you! We’re fans of a lot of world instruments and we want to get more on record – Matt our cellist / keyboard player has a great collection. But I’m very keen to try writing for brass as well.

– You’ve recently returned from the tour around Germany. How did it go? What’s your biggest impression from that tour?

– The tour was amazing – a huge part of that is that our tour mates Livingston are absolute stars and were great fun. We learnt a lot about stagecraft and about how we work in that environment. But mainly I think we learnt that you can connect with audiences everywhere if you get the chance, and that you should take every chance.

– If you could take a road trip and attend all gigs in a, say, UK tour by one particular band, what band would it be?

– Tough one. But I think as a whole band we would probably all be happy watching Queen every night.

– What’s your favourite music release of 2014 so far?

– Gazelle Twin – Unflesh is pretty awesome

– What’s your biggest goal concerning Suzerain?

– To keep doing it forever, and keep pushing ourselves to create more and different things.

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