Track by track /// Bare Knuckle Parade ‘Iron Lungs’ EP 2014

Bare Knuckle Parade
If you want some diversity and unusual spark in your music, why not give a listen to some rock music with celtic flavour. Bare Knuckle Parade are experts in this kind of music, so grab their debut EP ‘Iron Lungs'(available online on iTunes, Amazon mp3, spotify from 5th November 2014 and 
available in physical copy from 11th November 2014) and read on to the band introducing the record especially for you.
This was our response to the recession in the UK and the stories that have arisen since it happened. Aside from venting our frustration, we were keen to make it relatable and anthemic, with the vultures picking the bones of society as the central metaphor. Big guitars, group vocals, Celtic banjo and accordion licks provide the backdrop to the rough and ready opening track. For us, it’s not about banging a drum or pointing fingers, just commenting on the world in a way that feels right to us.
Our opening single that was played by Dermot O’ Leary on his Radio 2 show. We’re closing our gigs with it at the moment. It came together really quickly, just a couple of guys spitballing ideas over a scotch. It’s a very simple, straight forward rocker about a man giving his all to something he loves, and not getting a great deal in return. This song was a catalyst for us, something that made us sit down and think ‘we might actually be on to something here.’
The ballad of this particular group of songs. Like most of our stuff Iron Lungs doesn’t sit on it’s haunches, it’s still very driven. It tells the story of a man struggling for something that’s never going to happen, but he continues anyway. Inspired by a few old lute songs that we dug up, it’s sad but hopeful. It will be the lead single from the EP.
The video for this was filmed over a week on Exmoor in Devon. It’s the most filmic song on the EP, with a big sweeping chorus and lots of group vocals. It was written in the same sessions as Vultures and follows the theme of corporate greed, exploring the idea of free will similar to George Orwell’s 1984. We’re very keen to talk about current issues in our songs as we feel it helps to unify us with our fans, everyone has concerns about this stuff and it doesn’t get fixed if you don’t talk about it.
The closing track outlines the nostalgia of youth, and finding out what you want your life to be about. Gaslight Anthem inspired; it’s a straight forward rock ‘n’ roll track with our own Celtic spin.

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