Getting to know //// The Boy From The Crowd

Tight and raw, with relentless energy and grit, tons of character and just special attitude, The Boy From The Crowd stand out on the scene considerably. The collective’s newest single ‘Revelator’  actually speaks for itself and shows what the band are capable of. Rock Britain chatted to Vinny Piana about The Boy From The Crowd and everything band-wise.
– The Boy From The Crowd is the brainchild of you and Vegas Ivy. How did you meet? What inspired you two to start the band?
– It wasn’t planned at all. I had a lot of songs that I had spent time recording or was working on without really knowing what to do with them. I used to go to a rehearsal studio in West London, on my own, just hiring a room and play guitar and sing loud. Sometimes I would just play my songs, sometimes I’d be writing new ones. Vegas used to hang around there. He heard me practising and one day offered to seat on drums for fun. It sounded good immediately and we started the band this way.
– How would you introduce the band to somebody who doesn’t know you?
– With a punch in the stomach. (Just kidding! we’re not mean at all). Maybe I’d just suggest watching the video of Revelator and see if it grabs you. We also have an EP ready that will be released soon, so you’ll be able to hear more songs then and see if you like our band. I’m very bad at talking to people trying to describe our music. I never really know how to do that, so I’d rather play it to you and see if you like it.
– Your debut single ‘Revelator’ is out. What is the story behind this song? 
– It was written very quickly. in about 10 minutes I had most of the structure and riffs together and some of the lyrics. I wrote the missing parts a few days later. Then we practised it, made it sound as best as possible for live and that is pretty much what went down on the recording. It is a very simple song, both musically and lyrically. Probably the simplest song I’ve ever written. It is in pretty much a punk rock song with some blues elements.
In essence, Revelator is about some of the most primal feelings a man or woman can have. It’s about our ongoing, desperate quest to find our soul mate, the doubts that always arise as to whether we have made the right choice and the feelings of powerlessness and despair that result.
It’s got plenty of anger, frustration, tension and release kind of stuff going on.
The video for ‘Revelator’ is a really impressive affair. How did the idea for this video appear? How does it reflect the song itself? 
– Thanks. Well, videos are never straight forward in my experience. We worked with a great director Ross Edwards from Kensington Imaging, in London. We agreed to do something really simple, really straight forward and make the video really quickly. It turned out to be the complete opposite. It took forever to edit, but the final result is something we’re proud of as it captures the energy of the band.
The concept was to “imitate our band logo”. We have this cool logo that defines “The boy from the crowd” as a band from a visual perspective. We decided to “become our logo”, to merge with it and had make up done with the “cross eyes” thing. The video is a blend of us playing and the logo popping in and out of the video.
So, the shoot was a straight forward 1 day thing. The editing, largely due to both Ross and I busy schedules took a few month to finalise.
– How does the songwriting process usually happen in The Boy From The Crowd?
– So far, it has been me bringing songs in a final, or close to final state. However, I do think moving forward that the band needs to grow and that ideas need to come from us as a band, rather than one person writing it all. Otherwise, in the long run it could become a drag, a pressure, rather than something fun to do. So, yes, I’m ready to open this up and hopefully we’ll collectively come up with some great songs.
– What’s your main philosophy while making music?
– It’s all about emotions, primal feelings. It is about capturing this moment when you really feel something intense and somehow you reach for your guitar to express it rather than talking to someone else about it. To me, this is how it happens. That’s how the best raw ideas are recorded, and these are the ones which in time will become full songs. The process from a raw idea to a final song can be complex and various songs offer different challenges. Sometimes it is easy and painless, sometimes you just have to dig deep and overcome all the barriers a particular song presents in terms of arrangements, flow, missing parts etc. But really the initial idea always come from “not thinking” about songwriting, but from being in an emotional state that you feel compelled to document. That is how songs are born in my little world.
– What’s next for The Boy From The Crowd? What are your plans for the rest of the year?
– A lot. An EP called “Where the bees come to die” will be released in early 2015 and we are planning its release and promotion now.  Going back out playing live is also top priority although I don’t think it will happen before early 2015. There are plans to grow the band with additional musicians before we go on tour and record the first album. So, we may not be a 2 piece for very much longer. It all depends if we find the right people for our project. Not just from a musical perspective, but also as people which is really important. So, let’s see how that goes..In any case, I have a feeling you’ll be hearing from The boy from the crowd a fair bit in 2015.

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