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Gutshot for Broadway

Our first track Pity Boy is based loosely around the book ‘the power of now’ and the feeling Arnaud was left with after reading it. The book urges you to be totally immersed in the present moment, which is the most beautiful idea and should definitely be strived towards but when you can’t quite do that it’s very frustrating. We generally go through life in a semi conscious, some would even say zombified state and so this is us expressing our frustration at this. The opening line of the song sums everything up “The colours are there… just not as bright”. I feel its us trying to smash our way through into total consciousness with a very loud and ‘head bangable’ song but then again I’m definitely the most cringeworthy member of the band!

Our second track Lola is about a girl that the lead singer Arnaud used to have a thing with… She came over to London for the weekend, they had dinner after not seeing each other for a few months, he went home and wrote the basis of the song. It’s a romantic song in many ways but has a touch of an aggressive undertone due to the fact they lived in different countries. This feels very strange, me talking from inside Arnauds mind like this but I’m trying my best. Whenever I focus on the lyrics it always puts an image of two young crazy kids running around london but then knowing it has an expiration date. This sort of thing has happened to most of us, I guess the message of the song is to try and live in the moment… Wow that ties the two songs together nicely, trust me I’m not clever enough to plan that out in advance so I’m pretty chuffed with that!

We have videos for both songs coming out very soon, they’ve been filmed and editing is underway. Lola will be out before christmas and its a live studio version so that will be cool!

Any support is genuinely overwhelming and means the world to us!

by Hector Cottam

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