Face to face with El Deyma

El Deyma

Creativity and talent mix perfectly in El Deyma. Just have a look at their videos and you’ll see what we mean. The band’s latest single ‘Exclusive Try’ continues not only the adventures of the Magic Shoe, but also the tradition to make cracking tunes with spirit. Rock Britain chat to Flo and Giulio about all the things El Deyma-wise.

– How did life bring you lot together and what made you start El Deyma?

Flo: El Deyma at the beginning was nothing really serious. Just a couple of friends hanging around and playing sometimes music together. We decided in 2008 to do a homemade EP. “Escape 3” and one of the song, “UFO” had been selected to be in a best Paris bands compilation. We were quite surprised as it was a 100,000 copies CD. I travelled a lot in different countries from 2008 to 2011. The band went quite well from 2011 to 2012 in Paris. We won an award, “Bus Palladium revelation 2012” and got in touch with some labels but nothing really happened. We decided to do a farewell Tour in UK in 2012 to do it one time in our life. We enjoyed this UK Tour: the audience, the venues, and the culture; we just fell in Love with you guys! Late 2012 I quit my job, take a Eurostar and sailed in LDN. I played probably all the possible known open mics of London and met Dan who also left everything he had in Italy to play music in London. Probably the best drummer I ever played with! Throughout 2013 we played with a lovely female bass player, “Lika” but she had to leave the band to focus on other artistic projects. On the night of her farewell gig we announced on stage that she was leaving and a strange bearded guy from Italy, “Giulio” came to see me. He liked the band so much that he said would have loved to drop the guitar for a while and buy a bass to play with El Deyma. His dedication was so impressive that in 2 weeks we couldn’t tell he was just a “beginner”. Here we go. November 2013, the line-up is ready.

Giulio: First thing I had planned to do when moving to London was to go out and buy a guitar to join a band as soon as possible. Luckily I did not find a valuable guitar when I went shopping, so I had enough money left to buy a bass for El Deyma.

– You all have a huge experience of living/performing in different countries of the globe. Have you got any especially favourite place where you feel at your most comfortable?

Flo: I’d say Prague. Dunno why but I love this city.

Giulio: I am very good at feeling comfortable everywhere. I was just fine in my hometown in Italy, I did not have any reason to run away, it just happened that there was an interesting masters to attend in London, that is why I moved here. I immediately felt at home and currently I do not have any plans to go back to Italy (please, don’t tell my parents LOL). Regarding the audience participation when playing live, I must say that some of the gigs I played in China with Giorgio Barbarotta will always have a special place in my mind. Imagine a bunch of western foreigners playing heavy acoustic folk music sung in Italian in a club filled up with astonished young Chinese guys immersively focused on our performance. It is something very rare and special to have the attention of the whole audience. Those nights were surrealistic to some extent.

– How, do you think, living in various places influenced you as a musician?

Flo: My mother always said to me, “no regrets in Life, do everything you think is worth for. Travel, learn, fail, succeed, enjoy, and suffer. This is how Life should be. It will feed you!”

Giulio: The music scene here in London is very different from the one I was used to. Here you have to be good at turning heads with just a few songs, as the sets are often short. So many bands, so many gigs, so many bands per night, so many opportunities, you have to be careful when booking gigs. Depending on the venue and the promoter it might turn out to be either your best gig of the month or just a waste of time.

– Your single ‘Exclusive Try’ is out. What’s the story behind this song? How did it appear?

Flo: Exclusive Try is about the decision we all took when decided to leave all behind for London and music. When we recorded our first UK single, “Bad Kiddo” we met Jason Howes, the sound engineer of the Premises studio and he completely understood us. Rather than doing a classic rock song we thought about adding strings. So, I contacted my friends of the “Conservatoire National de Paris”, Marie-Anne Favreau (Violin) and Cécile Guillon (Cello), they jumped on the train, stayed for the week end and recorded that song in a rush!

– You worked with Jason Howes at this single. What was working with him like?

Flo: Jason is a real professional. He has a deep understanding of music, he literally helped us to understand that song. I’ve never felt so comfortable in a studio to be honest.

Giulio: I did quite a lot of studio work in Italy and I must say that Jason’s approach is different than anything I experienced before. In some studios where I recorded they would just split and quantize the drums before even listening to the recording. We recorded Bad Kiddo and Exclusive Try trying to focus on the live performance, the three of us together in the tracking room. Three takes and we had our song. I like the way Jason concentrates on the sound quality, the proper (sometimes exotic) microphone choices, the analog outboard, rather than beat-precise audio editing. He only did some minor editings on our recordings, so that the “live” feel is still there.

– I absolutely love the adventures of the Magic Shoe and I can’t wait to see what happens to the Shoe next! The series is a very original and creative way to present your music. How did the idea of the Magic Shoe come to you?

Flo: We need to jump back in 2011. We started a new EP and wanted to have a creative video clip. We only had 200 euros in our pockets but a lot of ideas! During an open mic (… again) we met two young French artists, Kelly Lippmann and Axelle De Biaisi. They came back a year later (stop motion takes a long time to shoot) with that crazy/genius concept! We couldn’t let that poor shoe this way after Ep1. We decided to go for another round but with a different cinematographic technique. We want to develop this idea further for every single episode of The Magic Shoe! We even created a Facebook page for that little one! https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Magic-Shoe/1519252108307380?ref=bookmarks

Giulio: I have been told that a wonderful lady in the south of France is pencilling the follow-up, but I do not know if I am allowed to say that…

Flo: You’re not…

– Imagine that you were to write a scenario for a film/series. What kind of film/series would it be?

Flo: I have quite often intense dreams, so in order not to forget them, I put them on paper. That could totally be scenarios for movies, between “the road” and “Alice in Wonderland”. I really hope to get the chance to live that.

Giulio: me plays bass … dont knou hwo to write

– You said you like the idea of the British Rock Invasion. And what’s the most attractive thing in British music for you?

Flo: We’ve been raised listening to that music. At school, we weren’t that many to listen the Beatles I would say. British music is an unpredictable thing you know. It’s just pure energy.

Giulio: That is where everything began. I can tell you the names of 5 US artists I love and the names of 100 UK ones.

– Your summer seems to have been pretty busy with gigs and travelling around. What’s the brightest memory from the summer 2014 that will be keeping you warm throughout the winter?

Flo: Suoni Di Marca Festival! In Italy. Definitely!

Giulio: You mean playing in Dorset one night, drive back to London, board a plane the next morning, land in my hometown just in time to go on stage with my new blasting UK band and blowing the audience (and the other artists on the bill) away? Uhmmm… Ok I agree.

– What was the most surprising music news/event of 2014 for you?

Flo: Live performance of AXIOM by Archive! Pure genius.

Giulio: the U2phone 6 . In a very sad way.

– What’s next for El Deyma? What are you planning to do for the rest of 2014?

Flo: Back to studio very soon! Plus we have some gigs in London and a live broadcasted recorded session quite soon athttp://www.seven.co.uk/ . Stay tuned!

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